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George Papandreou dog

He passed away brother by the late Andreas Papandreou, George at the age of 92 years. THE George G. Papandreou, was the son of “Old Man of Democracy” from his marriage to the great theater actress, Cube, and half-brother of Andreas Papandreou. He has handled the last few years serious health problems, and lived in a nursing home. In fact, …

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Xyla – Michas: Love with an age difference that gives reactions

Star returns to Greek fiction after a three-year absence and strives to gain the public interest. This is a weekly series entitled “Love, with a difference”, where filming will begin in the coming days. Star, after a three-year absence from Greek fiction, decided to invest again in Greek series, even if it is not its forte because those it has …

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Jenny Botsi: Watch her nine-month-old daughter swim in the pool

The most beautiful moments in her life are experienced in recent months Jenny Botsi, after becoming a mother for the first time. Her little one has stolen her heart and often shares with her friends online various snapshots with her daughter via social media. So in a recent post on Instagram, Jenny Botsi shared a photo of her nine-month-old daughter, …

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Panagiotis Petrakis: The Confession of His Personal Life

In the newspaper “Well” he gave an interview Panagiotis Petrakis. The well-known actor made, among other things, a deep confession about his personal life. Has “your fund” in your professional career “thrown” your personal life? My personal life has never been my great burden. I never went well with my personal life, so I put a lot of effort into …

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They’ve lost it, it’s a mistake that elementary school kids do – Newsbeast

His view on Alpha programming said Grigoris Gountaras on Wednesday morning through the show “Summer #not” by Open which presents. The presenter referred to “mistakes” made by the managers at the station, while he typically said: “Alpha has lost it”. “It simply became our attention then Alpha. In general, Alpha has lost it. This mistake that they cut “Deal” from …

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