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Star sign: The forecast for today, March 24, 2019

Published: 24.03.2019 | 07:01 Newsit Newsroom Signs today Sunday March 24, 2019. Look in detail what the stars have in mind, according to Alinda Kanakis … Read more which characters you predict for today Sunday March 24, 2019. How will your day be? What does your zodiac sign and your ascension mean by astrologer Alinda Kanaki KRIOS Aphrodite's hexagon favors …

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Kostopoulos-Eliades: The issue in "The Air" that has been realized

Requested by Petros Kostopoulos was Aggeliki Eliades at noon on Saturday At some time, the presenter of "All Mistake" asked her if she was "pampered" with the reports of her former husband's relationship Savva Gedzoglou ] with the actress Vicky Cavoura . Eleni Menegaki: The picture with her daughters in Achla The singer who apparently came in an uncomfortable position …

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ANT1 with what happened in the broadcast air (pictures)

Constantine who had prepared on Monday's show managed to star but not for her culinary performance Looking for hours on his mobile screen See the gallery that follows what Constantine did: GALLERY 01 The foolish man [19659009] See all the latest news from Greece and the world when they happen, at Newsbomb.gr Read also: Why do we eat sage fish …

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– ήθρ – τ τ τ τ τ τ τ Μά τ τ Μά τ – – – – – – – – – –

Ένα ξαφνικό πρόβλημα υγείας του Χρήστου Μάστορα, έχει προκαλέσει προβληματισμό στα μέλη του συγκροτήματος. Η αδιαθεσία που ένοιωθε το τελευταίο διάστημα ο τραγουδιστής, τον οδήγησαν στο να κάνει εξετάσεις. Τα αποτελέσματα σόκαραν και τον ίδιο, που δεν περίμενε σε τέτοια ηλικία να νοσήσει από μια τέτοια ασθένεια. Πρόκειται για την αιθουσαία νευρωνίτιδα, ένα πρόβλημα που δεν επιτρέπει όχι μόνο να …

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Christos Mastoras revealed what the disease has suffered him for weeks [εικόνα]

Anxiety at Christos Mastoras and Melissa band fans caused the news that their performances in the nightclub were canceled due to the singer's health problems . Therefore, the band's frontman from two consecutive weekends that the nightclub closed due to Christos Mastora's illness decided to reveal his fans what he was suffering with his message on facebook (19659003) "" EN …

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