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Catapult post for Erdogan: "It's time to …" – Newsbomb – News

"If Erdogan were a true patriot, if he really cared about his country's security and prosperity, he would have resigned immediately" points out in a new article on catapult for the Turkish president Guardian [1945] .

The outbreak in northeastern Syria, although unusually catastrophic, is the latest in a long series of errors, the president calculates in an article signed by international affairs analyst Simon Tisdall, pointing to 19 Turkish president injuring his country.

"Erdogan has no realization that Turkey is a democracy and not a one-sided dictatorship, it would be better and better for him to leave power before being cast." quoted in the article except. not because of its popularity, but because of its fear and power. It's time to leave, " emphasizes.

He actually appreciates that many Western leaders would like to see him resign.

With special reference to reactions from the western world [1

9] to His45 In the wake of embargo announcements and sanctions against the country, the columnist points out that the actual European leaders have some of the responsibility for what is happening in Syria.

"They have long known what, but for realpolitical reasons they became blindfolded" he points out

It is recalled that the EU condemned the invasion. Meaning, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Finland and Sweden not only disliked it Turkish progress without announcing also an embargo on Turkey.

At the same time, Washington continued with sanctions and opposed it, doubling steel tariffs, suspending negotiations on a planned trade agreement with Turkey, and sanctions on Turkey's defense and energy ministers and defense, energy ministries. and domestic affairs.

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