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Battles won "thriller", 30 points Adidokunbo (vids) – Basketball – NBA

With Chris Trotter of Little Midleton just before the end of the Celtics match, Baks managed to return to the NBA with a victory in Milwaukee.

The Boston team tried to "steal" the game 3.5 seconds before the finals when Cairy Irving took an individual effort on the racket and Eric Bledso blocked him with the result that "deer" won with a 98- 97 after All Star Game of Charlotte.

Yannis Antockunbo, who now achieved the 41st double double this season across the Atlantic, has made 30 points (10/17 double, 1/2, 7/10 b.), Collected 13 rebounds, gave 6 assists, did 1 trick and 2 cuts in 37 minutes.

Midleton was also double with 1

5 points and 13 rebounds, while Broodon added another 15 points.

Hopord had 21 points and scored a record 17 rebounds for Boston, while Tetumm had 17 points and 10 rebounds in the match.

The twelve minutes : 20-22, 53-47, 72-68, 98-97


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Editing: Stavros Kalogerakis

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