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Basketball: Kaselakis joined and it is announced

The 30-year-old forward had agreed on everything with the “greens” for several days and was only “standby” because the question of George Kalaitzakis was still on the way.

Now that Panathinaikos will activate the agreement with Leonida Kaselaki as within the next few hours, the official announcement is expected from KAE.

Essentially, two of Kalaitzaki̵

7;s, Kaselaki and Papadaki would be on Panathinaiko’s roster during the new season. From the moment “Exasteros” went with Kalaitzakis for two years and decided to borrow Papadakis, Leonidas Kaselakis is the one who will wear the shirt with “clover” on his chest.

The case of his former forward Prometheus of Patras is over and there are only the formalities left to complete the sixth transfer of the “greens” after Nedovic, Foster, August, Bohoridis and Sand Ross.

Source: www.gazzetta.gr

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