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Bad weather Thalia: Heavy rain and hail – 9,900 lightning strikes in northwestern Greece

With heavy rain, strong winds and lightning, the bad weather “Thalia” set foot in our country, which according to forecasts will drastically change the weather scene.

According to meteo.gr, a total of 9,900 lightning strikes were recorded in northwestern Greece by the “ZEUS” system from the National Observatory of Athens until Wednesday afternoon.

Intense phenomena in Thessaloniki and Kozani

Rain and thunderstorms occurred mainly in Ionia, Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly. It is worth noting that on the first day of “Thalia” at the meteorological station in Corfu, 70.8 mm of rain was recorded, of which 69 of them in about 90 minutes.

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Extreme phenomena are manifested with particular intensity, mainly in western Macedonia. Kozani, Kastoria and Florina were particularly hit by heavy hail, which caused serious traffic problems and accidents.

A truck accident on Egnatia Odos on Kozani – Veria road occurred after 20:45 at night. A strong storm prevailed in the area while vehicle queues formed.

Ruin on Corfu

The current bad weather in the city and in the Corfu region caused serious problems.

The heavy rain that fell from early in the morning flooded roads and businesses, while the fire brigade had to intervene to remove trees and pump water.

Plaster fell on Liston and the cave while a tree fell on parked cars behind the historical department at the University of Ionian.

Aeginio-Evangelismos: Capture of four trains by lightning

Problems on the Aeginio – Evangelismos railway line were caused by the bad weather in northern Greece, when a lightning strike led to a power outage, which resulted in a disruption to train traffic at this point.

OSE is in contact with PPC to provide electricity from another station and to release the three passengers and the commercial train that has stopped its traffic.

The weather on Thursday

On Thursday, August 6, 2020, rain and thunderstorms are expected mainly on the central and northern continents and on Ionia. Temperatures will fall on the central and northern continents. Relieves up to 6 Beaufort in the Aegean Sea.

More specifically, light rain is initially expected mainly in Ionia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece and Western Macedonia. At noon, the rain will be heavier and will mainly affect Ionian, Epirus, Thessaly and Macedonia, while in places there will be thunderstorms. Local clouds are expected in the rest of the country. Atmospheric dust concentrations in the Central and Southern Aegean Seas will be relatively high.

The temperature in western Macedonia will vary from 17 to 28, in central Macedonia from 20 to 29, in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 19 to 34, in Thessaly from 19 to 32, in eastern central Greece and the Peloponnese and in the southern Peloponnese from 20 to 33, in the rest of the mainland from 19 to 31, in Ionian from 20 to 28, in the islands of the eastern Aegean islands from 19 to 37, in the Dodecanese from 21 to 34, in the islands of the other Aegean islands from 17 to 31, and in Crete from 19 to 37.

Winds in the northern Aegean Sea will blow from northwest directions 4 to 6 Beaufort. In the Central Aegean, winds will blow from north 2 to 4 and locally up to 5 Beaufort. In the southern Aegean Sea, winds will blow from west to northwest directions 4 to 6 Beaufort. On the Ionic, the winds will blow from changing directions up to 3 beauforts, but from noon they will be northwest 2 to 4 and locally up to 5 beauforts.

In Attica, local clouds are expected from time to time. The winds will be blowing from northern directions and at noon and afternoon from changing directions up to 3 Beaufort. Dust concentrations in the atmosphere are relatively high at noon. The temperature in the center of Athens will be between 26 and 33 degrees.

Cloudy skies are expected in Thessaloniki sometimes with the possibility of rain towards the end of the 24-hour period. The winds will blow from east to south 2 to 4 beauforts, but from the afternoon they will change to 3 beauforts. The temperature in the city center will vary from 24 to 29 degrees.

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