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Wild bees: Asimina’s testimony in court reverses the situation

See what’s going to happen to Wild Bees in episode 8 on Wednesday, September 23rd. Wild Bees, Wednesday, September 23 – Episode 8 – In court, Doukas supports his theory that Eleni and Giannos collaborated to kill Sergio, which provoked reactions. Sarafis does not understand the reason for such a move and forces Eleni to tell him the whole truth. …

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American journalist died shortly after arriving in Istanbul

A vehicle carries the body of journalist Andre Wilczek DHA via AP 22.09.2020, 23:04 Russian-American journalist Andre Wilczek was found dead in his rented car shortly after arriving in Istanbul. Vilcek, 57, and his wife, Rossi Indira, and their two drivers returned from Samsun, where they had stayed for nine days before heading to Istanbul. According to Turkish security sources, …

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Coronovirus: Alarm in Attica – Special watch also for locking

One step ahead of the red is Attica with the researchers who also warn of a lockout if they do not return the measures that have been taken. “Orange is the step just before red, what does red mean? Traffic ban” explains Professor Nikos Sypsas. At the same time, the Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Crisis Management emphasizes, among …

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UEFA points: PAOK – Greece did not add new points

UEFA CLASSIFICATION: # Country 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 Degrees Groups 1 Spain 20,142 19,714 19,571 th most common 18,928 th most common 2,500 80,855 7/7 2 England 14,928 20,071 22,642 18,571 2,500 78,712 7/7 3 Italy 14,250 17,333 12,642 14,928 2,500 61,653 7/7 4 Germany 14,571 9,857 15,214 18,714 2,500 60,856 7/7 5 France 14,416 th most common 11,500 …

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Coronovirus: Hazard signal for fall and intubated – ICU under pressure in Attica

The epidemiological picture of the country is crucial because of increased daily occurrence of the young coronavirus, after hospital of Attica to reach their limits. The number of new infections in recent days is revived scenarios for further containment measures, which provides the opportunity for a closer local loxckdown in Attica. The announcement that we are in a very critical …

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Koronaios: Evacuation of a square in Pagrati (video and photo)

Those who were in Barnabas Square in Pagrati, after midnight on Tuesday, also experienced the implementation of measures to avoid overcrowding in the squares. The police approached the young people, who were sitting in the square with masks and as can be seen from their videos, they were advised to leave with most of those who obey. The square was …

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