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Banking Trojan for Android devices is available for free in underground forums

Its complete source code Cerberus has been leaked to underground forums and is now available for free to digital criminals. Its experts Kaspersky actively saw the revival of the malicious Android banking software from July 2020, following the abandonment, trial sale and final release of the project by the original developer. Through evolving functionality that includes two-factor identity theft (2FA) …

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What Erdogan said in a telephone conversation with Macron

French President Emanuel Macron and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a phone call on Tuesday. According to the SKAI correspondent in Turkey, the Turkish president expressed his complaint to Macron about France’s support for Greece. “I do not understand the support that France gives to the maximalist positions in Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration (Republic of Cyprus) …

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AEK: Development with Simao, Deletic

Discussions about David Simao and Deletics’ departure are expected to take place at AEK after the match with St. Gallen. In the match with St. The ball for the third qualifier in the Europa League, they have now turned their attention to AEK. In the Union, however, it is not excluded that after this match there may be developments regarding …

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Klelia Pantazi: Her fairytale house “smells” of happiness!

The couple fell in love and so their cohabitation and the next step in their relationship, that in the marriage, did not take long to come. The arrival of their first child completed this beautiful relationship. The couple experiences absolute happiness and this can be seen through the photos they share daily via their social media. So we had the …

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Erdogan “oil sector” in Macron: There is no point in supporting Greece and Cyprus

French President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkish counterpart, Emanuel Macron, praised the “olive branch” and proposed setting up a consultative mechanism between the two countries, while accusing him of supporting Greece and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. They escalate the intensity According to a statement from the Turkish Presidency, “in the communication, which took place at the request of Emanuel Macron, …

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Coffee is not to blame on the Capital

By Apostolos Manthos During these terrible stock market times, where blacks in investment hangouts are the ultimate trendy color of “upholstery” with purple accentuating the interior, you read sitting that a listed company increased 130% in net profit in the first half and you think something is running with coffee. Find out if someone threw a hallucinogenic substance in coffee. …

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