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Anasthilila: Death in 27 minutes – See the short message he just wrote "woke up" – Newsbomb – News

Tina suffered heartbreak while walking with her husband near her home in Arizona. The woman who had no history of heart problems collapsed during walks and took a purple color.

Her husband, without losing her mood, made her heart dissolution and managed to get her back to life for a while. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Tina's heart stopped for the second time and her husband managed to bring her to life again. But her adventures did not stop there, as when the ambulance came and the rescue devices resumed their heart four more stops stopped!

As Star says the woman, until she came to the hospital, had "gone and had come" six times, Tina Hines Facebook / Tina.Hines

When they arrived at the hospital, began the doctors immediately her and managed to keep the course stable her health. When Tina met, the first thing she asked was about pen and paper. On this he wrote a strange message which she claims refers to the existence of paradise.

See below the note the woman made a few moments after she met her adventure:

Who told the same minutes that were "dead" saw "very vivid colors" that were "so true". Then Tina described that she saw a figure she thought was Jesus standing in front of black gates, behind which "yellow light"

According to her story, paradise exists and is beyond all real. In fact, it was the first thing she told her loved ones when she finally met. Many doctors and researchers, however, see distrust of their history, citing research that says that when the heart stops the brain continues to work for a few minutes.

Sam Parnia Head of Critical Nursing and Vital Research at Langone Medical School at New York University and his team, looked at people who had cardiac arrest and then resumed successfully

Their study was published in the 2014 revival record.

Researchers studied testimony of 2,060 patients who were "near death". Of these, survived 330 people after resuscitation Of these, 330, 140 patients could remember my experiences. So they supplemented a questionnaire that sheds light on what happens when the heart has stopped working, but not the brain. Previously, many of these descriptions reported flashes of light and "tunnel with light", etc. They were mostly unpublished. This is the first and greatest study to show exactly what happens during this critical period.

The study, AWARE, focused on whether the participants had a sense of what happened during the recovery. 19659003] According to Dr. Sam Parnia, death is defined as the moment when the heart stops striking. Blood from the heart fails to reach the brain to maintain it. This means that all brain-based reflexes are almost lost But this study reveals that brain energy may not be completely exhausted.

The brain cerebral cortex, responsible for thinking and processing information from the five senses, shows zero activity for 2 minutes and 20 seconds after the heart has stopped Therefore, brain waves cannot be detected there. This starts the slow death of the brain cells. The actual time to complete brain death can take a few hours after the heart is stopped. Parnia

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