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All possibilities open up for how the schools should function: What measures is the Ministry of Education considering? HELLAS

One month remains for the planned – and much discussed – school start.

According to information from iefimerida.gr, the entire planning for the Ministry of Education focuses on the beginning of the school year 7 September. Nevertheless, the staff of Minister Niki Kerameos is in constant communication with the co-responsible ministries and health authorities – regarding the pandemic in the country – and will be prepared for all possible scenarios for the operation of the school.


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According to the same sources, one of the main models discussed in this case is restoration rotating teaching -as it was during the quarantine and the strict measures, that is, the division of each class into two sections that will take alternative courses. In the previous phase of the pandemic, half of the students took classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and the rest on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with this program changing weekly.

Kerameos: Our first concern is the protection of public health

The Minister of Education spoke about the reopening of schools in ANT1’s main bulletin Niki Kerameos. The minister reiterated that the opening is ready by September 7, but clarified that until then there will be an analysis of epidemiological data, “which will change overnight.”

Ms Kerameos stated that “it is too early to take a decision on the resumption which has started in five weeks and all decisions must be made based on the latest epidemiological data.” He also spoke about the possibility of increased protection measures in schools and the resumption of rotating teaching.

“It is clear that there is a rise and the protection of public health is still our first concern,” he said, adding that “we must all learn to live in this new regularity.” With regard to children in the first grade of primary school and if they can follow the measures, the Minister of Education said that “as previous experience has shown, young children can also adapt very well”.

Regarding the September exam, Kerameos said and concluded that instructions have been given to the universities and there is the possibility of distance tests but also for life, depending on the circumstances.

Minister Niki Kerameo’s statements for schools:

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