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Akar: We will continue the seismic investigations indefinitely

It continues crescendo challenges Ankara despite its mediation efforts Berlin and she Washington, with “batonReceived today by the Minister of Defense Ίουλουσί A car who intervened that the seismic surveys will continue indefinitely.

“We are determined to we defend “Our interests and rights,” said the Turkish Defense Minister, adding that Turkey has the power and the will.

“We will continue seismic surveys as needed until everyone is ready “he emphasized characteristically and noted that there is no time limit or limitation.

The Turkish official also claimed that “we exercise our rights”

; and that Turkey does “specific technological tasks where”.

“As long as we need, we will continue the research. The Ministry of Energy does the work and we as armed forces are there. There is no interruption.”

Turkish Press: Oruc Reis will not return

Despite the fact that on August 27 today extension Turkey has announced that Oruc Reis’ illegal Navtex seismic surveys have started in the eastern Mediterranean. Kastelorizo and west of Rhodes to the borders of Greek territorial waters».

It is recalled that Oruc Reis had gone for research in the Mediterranean, inside the Greek continental shelf on 9 August with Navtex ending on the 23rd month. With a new Turkish Navtex, he extended his presence to 27 August.

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