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Aeolos Kenteris rotates in Italy – Newsbeast

Its name became synonymous with the rapid interconnection of the islands of the northern Aegean Islands with the port of Piraeus, in times of prosperity for both the Greek shipping and Lesvos Shipping Company (NEL).

Kenteris » was the flagship of NEL before financial problems knocked on the company's door. Since then, Kenteris ships with the first "Aeolos Kenteris" began to be sold permanently and changed hands and uses.

The ship's transfer from Greece to the port of Augusta city Italy was transported by tugboats, as his immobility – for many years remained in the abelia area. by Salamis – they were not allowed to travel with her using his engines, according to cyclades24.gr

The sequel was written in November 2016 at the maritime cemetery in the port of Augusta where its previous boom remains from then [AccordingtoreportsinItalytheshipremainssubmergedduetotheinfluxofwaterwithoutanyinterestinitsdeployment Greek shipping. In fact, efforts have recently been made to move the ship to another location for fear of complete sinking and marine pollution that could result.


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