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"Great lies:" Speech hearts release more secrets

In Big Little Lies Tell-Speech Hearts, some secrets Monterey Five have kept on revealing. Celeste Wright's twins and Jane Chapman's son discover that they are half-brothers because of Chloe Mackenzie's interception on Madelin's conversation. Ed also realized that Madeline has kept secrets from him and interferes with the usually calm man.

  Big Little Lies Tell Speech Hearts
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Suspects Mary Louise Wright Celeste Wright of Murder?

In Big Little Lies Tell-Speech Hearts, Mary Louise admitted that she looks at Celeste as a "riddle" way Perry Wright described her to her mother. After discovering that Perry had another child she never knew about, Mary Louise began asking Celeste. Celeste tried to explain the abusive relationship between herself and Perry and that he bore another child with rape. Mary Louise refused to accept this and claimed that Jane Chapman could have been grafted, drunk or mistaken.

Mary Louise also doesn't think her late son really hit Celeste because Celeste never called the police. She then pointed out that Celeste learned about the child just minutes before Perry's death and was already planning to leave him that day. Mary Louise realizes that she has too many questions and not enough answers, so she comes to the police.

Ziggy Chapman found out he has step brothers

Chloe Mackenzie heard his mother talk on the phone and told Celeste's children, Max and Josh, that they have a second-class brother. She also told Janey's son, Ziggy, the same. When Madeline Mackenzie discovered, she took Chloe's phone and called Jane to let her know.

Jane talked to Ziggy and admitted that they are his half-brothers. He said he is known for a few months and did not tell her because he knew she was lying. Jane explained that she never told his father's identity because she really didn't know. When she found out, she didn't know how to explain it to him. Ziggy also told her mother that Chloe said Perry "salted" her.

He meant "assault" and Jane explained to him what the word means and what happened between her and Perry. Big Little Lies Tell-Tale Hearts ended with Celeste and her boys came over to John's house for dinner.

Ed Mackenzie discovered Madeline Mackenzie had a business

After Chloe repeated Ziggy's farewell, Ed Madeline said he never knew and questioned why she didn't tell him. He was upset that he felt that Madeline was hiding secrets from him. That's why it hit the roof when Ed entered a conversation between Madeline and Abigail Carlson.

Abigail raised Madelin's previous business with the theater director, and Ed was so angry he left the house. He eventually arrived later that night to talk to Madeline.

She admitted to business but said it happened long ago and had nothing to do with Ed. She repeatedly reminds him that it is a "her" thing and suggested that they go to couple counseling.

Madeline also said that Abigail has known for a year and once again he hates that his daughters are familiar with her secrets, and she does not tell anything to him Ed tells her, very firmly, that their marriage is over in Big Little Lies Tell-tale Hearts.

Renata Klein realizes that her husband lost his money in the "Big Little Lies" Tell-Speech Hearts [19659006] When Renata celebrates her magazine cover, her husband, Gordon Klein, is arrested on security, post and wire fraud charges. He admitted to Renata that he probably lost all his money and that it was no longer rich to erase Renata again. She tried to talk to her feelings with Madeline but stopped going soon after deciding that she would call a lawyer.

Renata picked up Gordon from prison when he was released on bond and then left him on the road in a fit of anger. She turned immediately and made Gordon come back in the car.

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