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Gray's Anatomy Season 14 Final Recap

Season 14 of Gray's Anatomy has been a hell of a ride. The final definitely gave us several snouts that we did not see, including the Teddy promise that returned to Gray's for good and the possibility that Jo would leave Gray Sloan to take on the community .

There are lots to cover, so let's start!

Alex and Jo Hook up in a Child

She learns that she has been accepted to Mass Gen for a community. When he does not want Alex to leave, Meredith Jo offers a presence at Gray Sloan. With incredible faith in wedding concepts, Jo storms Alex's locker room and hopes to find out if he had a hand in Meredith's offer. (He did not.)

Immediately after she talks, they start to emerge and take their exhilarating relationships within a deserted barn. After the accession they are almost newly married stuck inside, unable to get out. Alex busts open a window, leading into a beam of light and reveals that they had become nasty next to it. . . a complete disintegration equal. Anyway, they are able to get out when Meredith and DeLuca hear them screaming.

Non-wedding is a hot club

Trainees (minus Vik) are completely wasted, DeLuca calls into their missedventures. Still the heart of Sam, DeLuca gives a totally sad, drunken toast. Meredith takes him away and they are looking for Alex. Out of her goodness, she gives him a little talk about how he finds love again. . . which causes him to kiss her ̵

1; she just pushes him down quickly.

In April, however, co-planning planners eat inadvertently shrimp and develop an allergic reaction, which causes the doctors to jump in and give her an emergency. The sight of blood, combined with its complete and complete inebriation, causes glasses to faint and crash into the wedding cake. Oops.

Gray Sloan's Staff Goes to the Wrong Wedding

Catherine, Richard, Miranda, and the trainees end up in the wrong wedding. The staff manage to sneak out besides Ben and Miranda. Happy to the bride and groom, the operator is there just when they needed her. The mother of the bride, Lilac, falls down because of a heart disease. When Bailey rushes her into surgery, she bumps into Teddy, who goes on suitcases. The former Gray Sloan surgeon ends up in a successful cardiovascular surgery, where she asks Bailey for a job.

After receiving a fat check for her Trailblazer surgical tool, Bailey decides she wants to take some time to work on surgery and research. She interests Teddy with an interim boss position.

Teddy's Back. . . Maybe too good?

Yup, so Teddy is back. The last time we saw her, she had shared a short fly with Owen, tearfully pushed him out of her cozy German home after breaking down that he had been with Amelia the night before. Come see, what's coming out of the bird and bina? A baby!

The wedding is resumed and they bring the wedding to Lilila via video call. When asked by Lil, Teddy admits she expects. It's a very, very good chance that the child is Owen. We expect things to be complicated, because Amelia and Owen are now grandparents Betty and baby Leo (and definitely have feelings for each other if they like to admit it or not).

We get track of Callie [19659004] Yes, only traces of Callie, not Callie himself. While at the wedding's failure, Arizona reveals April that Callie is single again. And that's while Callie has hurt her in the past, Arizona once again feels for her ex. Through text bubbles, we learn that Callie is very happy to see her. The episode ends with Sara Ramirez (aka Callie) beautiful handover of Brandi Carlile's "The Story" from Gray's musical episode. We definitely invest in Callie and Arizona with a happy-after-ever in New York.

There is an impromptu wedding

After the complete depiction of the wedding, all the ferry returns home. Maggie comes with the idea that Meredith becomes a ordained minister. So, even if things did not go as planned (and they probably lost a lot of money on the beautiful wedding that April planned), Alex gets married with his life's love of his best friend with beautiful views of the sunset and water.

April gets a nice surprise

Friendship between Jackson and Matthew, because things are not going well the last time they are both at a wedding. (If you remember, Jackson goes off with Matthew's bride.) Jackson makes a point to apologize, but is still feeling a little bit bitter against Jackson. They succeed in closing old wounds after Jackson acknowledged that he had only lost a quarter of a billion dollars.

When all had already left (apart from April, Arizona and Jackson), the minister finally arrived. While it's too late for Jo and Alex, she's just in time for Matthew to spontaneously suggest April. She says yes and marries him in place.

What's next for April? We learn that she has decided to do "the work of God" and help the local homeless people. Given that Catherine wants to make plans for dinner with her grandchild, it sounds like April will still be in or near Seattle, meaning there may be a chance we'll see April every now and then.

Despite all the hectic events, everything works at the end, and there are no air accidents or terrible bus accidents. Even Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw make it safe and secure, promising happiness for both their characters beyond Gray's Anatomy ! Now, if it's really good in the world, we're just waiting patiently for Dr. Marsh returns to Greys next season.

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