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Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket review: Does not cause me to overheat

There are few purchases in my adult life that I would say have really changed in life – and most of them have temporarily discontinued sleep related. Two amazing pillows, a mattress cushion that inspires me to actually rush home for the bed, and especially weighted blankets.

I really didn't know how much better my sleep quality could get until I started to sleep under a weight of 15 pounds. And an improvement in sleep affects virtually all areas of your life; With deeper and calmer eyes I discovered that I had more energy during the day and actively looked forward to going to bed earlier in the night.

If you are in the early stages of research to find the right yourself, you have probably already entered the name Gravity Blankets. It is a Kickstarter alum that now sells one of the most popular ̵

1; and luxurious – options on the market. We ranked their original Gravity Blanket ($ 249) the best total weight blanket you can buy. But sleeping under an inherently dense adult size is not always appealing to those who sleep hot, or who hate the idea of ​​blowing the alternating current and driving up the energy bill over the summer. For them, Gravity just released a new Cooling Blanket ($ 259). To see if it really could stay on a swampy summer night, I tried it in my little NYC apartment suffering from a greenhouse effect with its heat.

It doesn't feel exactly like "the cold side of the pillow" all the time, but it's cool and smooth to touch – and held up in muggy NYC summer living conditions.
Gravity Blankets

How do important blankets work?

Important blankets work through gravure simulation therapy (or DPTS) similar to the effect achieved by hovering children or putting dogs in "thunder jackets". While light emotions can alert the nervous system, deep pressure (like a good massage or a dense and heavy blanket) has a relaxing and soothing effect on the body. It is basically why weighted blankets are used for therapeutic treatment of sensory disorders, anxiety, depression, autism, insomnia and much more. They are a relatively inexpensive, effective and medication-free way of encouraging peace and relaxation. According to a Mayo Clinic Minute interview with Dr. Adam Perlman is as if what happens in the body when you get a hug.

More specifically for sleep, deep pressure relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress hormone cortisol and encourages serotonin and dopamine production that promotes relaxation and regulates our mood. Then, serotonin converts to melatonin, and it makes you sleepy. The tangential feelings of calm, safety, relief and comfort are only helpful in the body's natural processes. There are also studies that show how grounding of the human body during sleep reduces or eliminates pain and stress.

If you are looking at giving a shot, aim for a weight that is about 10% of your own body weight. My 15-pound felt is just over 10% of my body weight, but it still feels perfect. If you feel that something heavier can make it harder to roll over or give you a feeling of being attached, remove the lighter side.

The new cooling cloth is definitely the most elegant iteration of a weighted blanket and is well knit with the rest of my decor – something worth mentioning for traditionally bulky blankets.
Gravity Blankets

What makes the New Cooling Blanket different?

The New Cooling Blanket ($ 259) is the company's redesigned version of the original, Gravity Blanket ($ 249). The New Cooling Blanket has been specially designed to be a cooler and more breathable variety. It still uses glass beads instead of plastic polyethers for a better experience (the glass beads are smaller, denser and make the felt significantly less bulky), but the duvet is made with a "faux tencel" material that encourages airflow and prevents overheating. Like its predecessor, it also has Gravity's grid stitches to keep the inner glass beads scattered unevenly during sleep.

You can find in discreet white, gray and marine colors.

My review of Gravity's New Cooling Blanket

The new cloth is still a weighted blanket, so I was skeptical of how much an updated cover could do. Personally, however, it seemed to keep me unnaturally well-regulated throughout the night. If you imagine that it feels like the cold side of the pillow all the time, then it is not so. But it feels cool, silky and breathable at first hand and when adjusting – it's just not a persistent phenomenon. The cooling is more subtle, yet effective, than that. In this, I reminded myself of training equipment: Good result material allows me to go through a yoga class without cursing the one who does my leggings, but rarely do I notice that the work is done to put out moisture and divert heat when it happens.

I slept with the New Cooling Blanket ($ 259) as my main cover with temperatures in the mid-80s with 75% humidity without AC or wind and never woke up uncomfortable. I was impressed by how well it managed to regulate my temperature. It will not be as airy as a linen plate – but it would be unrealistic to expect it to be. If you are looking for a way to make a heavy 15-pound felt more breathable, it might be your best option.

Grid stitches mean that the internal glass beads of the felt remain evenly distributed.
Gravity Blankets

Another thing worth mentioning if you are releasing $ 200 + on a blanket is that it is the most aesthetically pleasing key blanket I've ever used. If you care about the overall aesthetics of your room, and the rest of it sounds justified to you, it is what becomes the most undiscovered. It looks fresh and sharp – like any other cover.

Bottom Line

The new cooling cloth is worthwhile if you want to experience the benefits of a weighted blanket but do not want to risk overheating at or must blow your AC all night.

If it doesn't describe you, it's worth looking at some options before you dream of owning a weighted blanket: There are under $ 100 options on Amazon – like this $ 60 version I own and love too – I have enough put on the AC in the summer if you plan to use it then (and when you start it is hard to quit, then I would plan for it). Your budget and your needs will determine what is the best value for you, but no matter what you finally choose, I couldn't recommend trying a weighted blanket high enough.

Shop the new gravity weighted felt, available at Gravity Blankets, $ 259

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