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Gottlieb warns that the FDA could ban e-cigarettes like Juul altogether

O Outgoing Commissioner for Food and Drug Administration Scott Gottlieb warned on Friday that pod-based e-cigarettes would be completely banned if interest rates on teenage weapons continue to increase.

"If we cannot begin to reverse these trends this year and do not see prices begin to come down, we must take more dramatic action," Gottlieb said on Fox News. "We have to look at the pod-based cigarettes as a category and possibly remove them from the market."

Gottlieb said that the 201

9 National Youth Tobacco Survey released in August would help determine whether such dramatic action was necessary . Gottlieb said he was leaving the agency next month. Related: FDA calls Walgreens, Walmart, 7/11 and others to sell e-cigarettes to minors]

"If it shows another 30, 40, 50 percent increase in e-cigarette use among children … I think we have to look at actions that address this as a category, says Gottlieb.

Tobacco industry leader Altria recently announced an investment of $ 12.8 billion in e-cigarette manufacturer Juul , whose pod-based e-cigarettes dominate the market, Juul announced in November that they would stop selling most of their flavorful pods, at least temporarily, among FDA prints.

Just two days ago, announced the FDA new rules and stricter scrutiny for tobacco retailers selling e-cigarettes and flavored products The new policy makes it much harder for convenience stores to sell vaping products.

Gottlieb has called teenager vaping an epidemic and has focused a lot on his FDA service to crack down on e-cigarettes.

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