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Google’s Pixel 5 chip and memory are apparently confirmed by an AI benchmark

The Pixel 4a is all the rage right now but just a couple of months from now, Google will release its next flagship phone: Pixel 5. If the rumors are to be believed and they become more reliable with the day, this year, with Pixel 5, Google plans to change strategy a bit. To date, each Pixel flagship has been powered by the latest 800 Series Snapdragon chip available at the time. Last year it was the Snapdragon 855. But now it is almost certain that the Pixel 5 will come with the Snapdragon 765G instead. And now we have another reason to believe it.

A new post on one The AI ​​reference site was discovered by MySmartPrice and it was from none other than Pixel 5. You can see the record and phones that got similar results below:

Landmarks in themselves are not very impressive, it matches it at Pixel 4 phones, however, are almost half of what the top results, Huawei’s P40 series, succeed in achieving.

However, the list reveals that the Pixel 5 is actually powered by the Snapdragon 765G, paired with 8GB of RAM. In addition, the Pixel 5 is the only phone running Android 11, which gives the list additional credibility.

Snapdragon 765G is one of the most popular system chips this year and offers a good balance between price and performance, with 5G support on top. LG chose 765G for its flagship again this year LG Velvet and OnePlus chose it for their budget OnePlus North.

The change from the 800-series chip to the 700-series will probably also reflect the price of the Pixel 5. If Google wants the phone to be competitive, it should be at least $ 200 cheaper than last year’s Pixel 4 models. However, we will have to wait and see.

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