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Google's Hub for Nest Hub rebranding effort is a sticker on the box

Google announced I / O 2019 that all its smart home products would be labeled "Google Nest". The first new product to be launched is Nest Hub Max this summer, while the home hub is immediately rebranded. Store boxes are now updated with stickers to publish the Google Nest Hub brand in the real world.

While the new Nest Hub name already exists in the Google Store and other online retailers, the packaging has so far been unchanged from the Smart Display launch in October. It's still mostly, but newer "Google Home Hub" boxes have a sticker that notifies the new brand to consumers.

Help has a new name.

Google Home Hub is now
Google Nest Hub.

Learn more at g.co/nest

This URL opens the Google Store page that describes the new brand, such as Google's commitment to privacy and its smart home ecosystem. The gray stickers that use the Google Sans font and are affixed over the plastic cabinet package.

 Google Nest Hub brand

At a Best Buy, we visited this weekend, only Charcoal Nest Hubs presented the new marker. Along with how the stickers are just applied to the edge of the boxes, this will likely be added from Google before being sent to the retailer around the world.

In I / O, "Google" was officially attached to the names of Nest thermostats and security cameras. However, packaging and store plates for these products have not yet mirrored "Google Nest". That brand also comes to Google's native speakers, but the company is likely waiting for new products to make it official.

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