Earlier today, two Google Stadia team members hosted an AMA on Reddit to answer people's questions about the upcoming Stadia streaming streaming service. Although the Q&A session dampened some of our enthusiasm for Stadia by revealing a bunch of missing features for a day, AMA contained a pleasant surprise: Google did a phone mount for the Stadia control, and it's called "The Claw." [19659002] The existence of the claws was released from the proverbial bag by Andrey Doronichev, Product Director of Stadia at Google. The details were light, but enough information was shared in the thread to make people happy about it. After testing several clips from the shelf and discovering that they lacked balance, the team decided they wanted a phone mount that is centered and "floats" over the controller. After building a sample prototype with a metal wire coating and following it up with a 3D printed design, they partnered with a Made for Google partner called Power Support for the final creation.

This is what "The Claw" will probably look like .

Claw was designed with Pixel phones in mind, though Andrey did not specify the models in detail. The price is currently unknown and will be available for purchase in the Google Store in the coming weeks. To see it in action, check out the video below.