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Google streaming service will include broad availability, new game features, controls

On the threshold of Google's GDC message, a new report contains some details of what is expected of the gaming service. "Main focus" will be on what new features a "streaming platform" allows, but a Google-controlled control is also expected.

According to Kotaku lies the focus morning on the underlying streaming service, with Google utilizing its backend infrastructure to resolve latency. With Project Stream's "technical test", the company describes the "challenges" that are associated with flowing something as intense as games, but not its solutions. Hopefully, Google will describe tomorrow how exactly it surpassed the problem.

As with other product areas, Google enters because the company believes its scale will provide advanced games to hundreds of millions of players who do not own dedicated hardware, which still costs up to $ 250 today.

In the form of functions, this evening's report describes that you can watch live games and jump right to that moment itself after purchasing the game. Along with the fact that purchases could be possible from ads, this suggests that users have to buy games, instead of getting an unlimited pass.

Many of these features are described as requiring game developer approval. however, reports that "Google has financed its own video games The two portable and desktop platforms are not surprising considering that Project Stream only required the latest version of Chrome and a 25 Mbps internet connection.

We have previously been told by a source that the Yeti will work with Android phones, while TV support comes via a Chromecast. Kotaku also has more information about the controlled Google control, which was first mentioned in February by Information [1


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