Reports have started to flood as several Google services, including Gmail, Nest, YouTube, Drive and even Search, are down too many. Stops appear to primarily affect the eastern United States, but not all are affected.

Above: Top reports on DownDetector at the time of writing. Below: Map of reports for “Google” on DownDetector.

Anecdotally, it is good for our East Coast staff (primarily in Boston), but the volume of reports makes it clear that a crime is occurring, just not everyone is affected. The results are also intermittent in some services. For example, some with Nest problems have no trouble connecting to cameras, but do not have access to their thermostat.

Although the G Suite Status Dashboard has not yet identified a problem with any of Google’s services, the Nest Status Dashboard says the service is currently investigating a “login and device connectivity issue.”

With many currently unable to access Gmail or Search, this power outage can do a significant amount of damage to home productivity. We will be sure to keep track of reports as things develop and hopefully this problem will be resolved soon.

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