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Google Photos no longer integrates with Drive from July

Users of Google's photos and device storage services have been able to access their photos on either platform some time ago, with the services automatically synced to each other and even sharing storage space, but the search giant has announced that, from and With July 10 this year, it will no longer be the case.

Google revealed the change in a blog entry which said it will "simplify the experience of Drive and Photos" when it will have access to images on either platform, as customer response has led to the company finding that "The connection between these services is confusing".

Micro Management

From July, the images and videos that all users (including G Suite customers) uploaded to Drive are no longer automatically added to your app or monitor client. Similarly, media added to your Photos app will not appear in the Photos folder in Drive. The same applies to deletion of media in both directions.

The current system has obviously caused users to accidentally delete pictures and videos on all their platforms by trying to remove them from just one, so Google will instead implement more "granular control".

The automatic synchronization will be replaced with the "Upload from device" feature, which allows users to manually select images or images from their Drives ̵

1; even shared media – folders and import them into photos, the way they "come" not affected by any changes made to them in Drive.

Other Effects

While these changes affect all photos or video clips added to the service from July 10, existing media will remain where it is, including if it is connected to either the service will be suspended – so to change or delete files on one will not affect the other.

As for the storage limit for the entire account, users can still upload unlimited "high quality" files to eir Photoservice without affecting their storage, but if these files are also stored in Drive, the latter will count on the storage card As before, "original quality" images are counted against the total storage limit on both platforms.

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