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Google is going all-in on the squircle icon for the Play Store

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In the image above you can see quite a few app icons on the Google Play Store. The Starbucks one is a circle, PUBG Mobile is a square, and the lift icon is a squircle – albeit a different squircle shape compared to the Loffee app. Play Store. In a new post on the Android Developers Blog, Google lays out the new rules for developers when it comes to their app and game icons – and it's going to be all the time all the time.

Starting in April 2019, developers will have the ability to upload new icons for their apps that will conform to the new squircle shape. As of May 1, new apps submitted to the Google Play Store will not be accepted if they do not follow the new icon guidelines. By June 24, 2019, all icons that have not been updated to the new format will be converted to legacy icons – eliminating the ability for developers to update them.

keep things more uniform. Check out how all the looks below (the original icon is on the left, the correct redesigned icon is in the middle, and the legacy icon is all the way to the right):

In addition to this new squircle shape, Google no longer allow icons to involve transparencies.

Google Points out of this policy only applies to the Play Store when viewed on Android, your desktop browser, or on Chrome OS. The Play Stores on Wear OS, Android TV, and Android Auto will not be kept to the new design policy.

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