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Google certifies Fuchsia OS ‘Sapphire’ with Bluetooth SIG

Before a device or software using Bluetooth can be made available to the public, it must be approved by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Tonight, part of Google’s Fuchsia OS system with long development has been developed with Bluetooth SIG.

In recent years, we have seen patience as Google has developed a new operating system, Fuchsia, from the very beginning. In fact, Fuchsia is clearly proud not to be based on Linux, unlike Android and Chrome OS.

Google’s community of fans and developers has become excited about what Fuchsia can potentially offer, and is a brand new operating system built for devices of literally every variety. In the time since it was first unveiled, however, Fuchsia has received very little in the way of public attention from Google, just a few mentions about last year̵

7;s Google I / O event.

Tonight, a new listing from Google LLC came to the Bluetooth SIG for “Google Sapphire 1.0 Bluetooth Core Host Solution.” We know from previous research on Google’s Fuchsia Olympics that “Sapphire” is the internal code name for Fuchsia’s Bluetooth stack, and Sapphire’s description on the Bluetooth SIG website also specifically calls Fuchsia.

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Having a part of an operating system arrive at the Bluetooth SIG is actually a fairly common occurrence. Over the years, Android and Chrome OS have had their Bluetooth software recertified a few times each, to accommodate major changes.

So what exactly do we learn from the new list? Unfortunately, not much beyond the fact that Fuchsia will support Bluetooth 5.0, which should not be a surprise, as it is the latest version of Bluetooth. In fact, we already knew that Fuchsia had been demonstrated at a private Bluetooth SIG event back in 2018.

Instead, the better question is why – why has Google tried to get Fuchsia, which still feels like a skunkworks project, certified by Bluetooth SIG? At the moment, all we can do is speculate.

My personal hope is that this is another step towards Fuchsia being revealed in public, especially since Fuchsia has apparently reached the “dogfood” stage of development in recent months. Conversely, it is equally possible that Fuchsia’s arrival at Bluetooth SIG could not have any deeper meaning at all. The answer comes with time.

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