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Google asks Android users to select the desired browser

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Google will soon urge Android users to choose their favorite browser.

Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Google will urge Android users to choose their favorite browser and search appliance, said a leading Google executive on Tuesday, as it tries to avoid new EU antitrust sanctions.

The European Commission beat Google with a record fine of EUR 4.34 billion ($ 5 billion) in July over antitrust offenses related to Android mobile operating systems. Google's agreement with answering machines such as Huawei, Samsung and LG puts these companies at a disadvantage because they are completely dependent on Android, the EU said.

Android users have always had the option of installing a browser as they wanted, but now Google will mark that they have other browser and search engine options.

Google will do more to "make sure Android phone owners know about the wide range of browsers and search engines available to download to their phones," Kent Walker, senior vice president of Google, wrote in a blog post . "This will mean that users of existing and new Android devices in Europe will ask which browser and search programs they want to use."

In response to $ 5 billion fine, Google said in October that it would start offering a paid license for phone and tablet device manufacturers in Europe who want to include Apple's Google Play App Store, Maps Gmail and Google owned YouTube. Another license will allow answering machines to include Google's search engine and Chrome browser.

The EU survey of Android dominance dates back to 2016. In June 2017, Google fined $ 2.7 billion to abuse how it ] prioritizes its own shopping results in the search .

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