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Google appoints its first chief medical officer

Google officially named its first chief healthcare officer as the company takes a deeper dive into the healthcare industry.

The company confirmed to FOX Business that Dr. Karen DeSalvo will be the first CHO of Google Health, an initiative of the search engine giant that utilizes technology, such as artificial intelligence, to improve medical care.

Google Health is led by Dr. David Feinberg, who left Geisinger Regional Care Provider last year supporting a community of more than 3 million patients.

"I think Google is already a healthcare company. It's been in the company's DNA from the beginning."

– Dr. David Feinberg

DeSalvo will switch to the role, similar to a medical director, later this year, according to the company. She previously worked as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin & # 39; Dell Medical School, and previously served as a health inspector in the Obama administration.

The latest DeSalvo appointment comes shortly after US Cardiologist and former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert M. Califf was hired as Head of Strategy and Policy for Verily Life Sciences and Google Health, departments of Google's parent company Alphabet.

Dr. Robert Califf (Photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images)


However, Google is not the only company that has become heavily invested in the healthcare industry.

Three of corporate America's heaviest hitters – Amazon, Warren Buffett and JPMorgan Chase – sent a shake through the health industry in 2018 as they announced plans to jointly create a company to provide high-quality care to its employees.

Following their announcement, Uber said it delved deeper into healthcare by offering to take patients to every US market where it appears for their next medical appointment. Business executives said they are expanding because there is a need. They cited research from the federal government that estimates that more than 3 million people do not receive medical care due to transportation problems.

In July, it was announced that the UK's health care was working with Amazon's digital voice assistant to answer medical questions with advice from the service's official website. The UK Government said the system will help people get quick and accurate health information


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