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Gmail Inbox app closes April 2

Google has shown that it shuts down another of its workplace apps, with its inbox email service ending April 2.

Inbox has been set for the hack for some time, with a spring 2019 date named by Google by the year, but users are now starting to warn of the end of their apps.

Some users reported yesterday to see a pop-up screen that appears when they open the app and say that the service will close in 15 days.

End Time

The popup contains a link for the user to switch to the usual Gmail app, where they are sure their messages will be there and waiting for them. Google also says it is "working hard" to continue portraying some of Inbox's most beloved features.

First, announced in 201

4 as an invitation service, Inbox provided a more interactive and intelligent way to access your emails away from the Vanilla Gmail app.

Famous for its Bundles feature, which received e-mails of the same subject, Inbox also inspired popular features such as automatic sifting through your messages, snoozing and smart responses and also the white white design now seen on the main Gmail app .

Inbox is not the only Google service to meet the final curtain soon. The tech giant who reveals his worried social network for Google+ also closes on April 2.

Despite great internal backing, Google+ is closed after two major bugs were discovered in the service, with video call service Allo and URL shorter goo.gl are also set to close.

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