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Global survey finds drunkest nation in the world

The brits got us beat when it comes to boozing.

A new study that checked the blood-alcohol levels of 35 nations across the globe found that people in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales consume more than drinkers elsewhere. (Britons have also tried more than people in the other countries surveyed.)

After polling more than 120,000 imbibers worldwide, the Global Drug Survey found that Britons were drunk 51.1 times a year, or about one day a week. Americans came in a close second, getting blots 50 times a year, while Canadians got sloshed for 48. At the bottom of the list was Chile, with a blackout rate of 16 times a year.

The survey, published Thursday, also studied cocaine consumption and regret: Apparently, 43 percent of British surveyed said they would like to use less cocaine next year, while 1

.5 percent needed medical assistance after consuming it.

The survey also discovered a link between excessive drinking and sexual assault : Some 29.3 percent of the women who responded to the survey said they had been taken advantage of sexually while drunk or high.

“Until culture changes and we become more European and moderate in our drinking, we might have to bite the bullet and think about how to advise people to get drunk drinking less, ”says Adam Winstock, the Global Drug Survey's founder, the Guardian reports.

Think you're bringing up your nation's drinking average? The "Drinks Meter" app created by the Global Drug Survey offers anonymous, personalized feedback on your drinking.

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