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WhatsApp: It is behind the scary Momo account

D This story sounds like it's a big movie studio makes a good advertisement for a new horror movie: A WhatsApp account named Momo is suddenly displayed in its own contact list. Momo writes mysterious messages, rings in the middle of the night or sends scary pictures around. They did not leave Momo, and they did not answer when looking at the profile picture.

Momo: WhatsApp Profile Profile is True

On Momo's Profile photo is not visually disfigured by Bildgestbeite's girl. The fact is that in an art gallery in Tokyo there is a sculpture with Momo face. The Linkfactory company should have created the artwork. One of the phone numbers associated with Momo's WhatsApp account is also from Japan. But there is currently more than one number in circulation, from which the mysterious Momo claims to send messages.

Momo: Is she from Spain?

Currently there is also a Mexican and a Colombian mobile number in circulation social networks. Many of the screenshots of alleged conversations with Momo are in Spanish. In Spain, also warned Polis to contact Momo. In fact, it would be possible for scammers to use the hype around Momo to get private data from WhatsApp users.

Momo: Who's behind it?

Someone, maybe in Japan, Spain or Mexico, Momo has thought of and put a scary photo into an account. Meanwhile, there must be several users who are likely to create additional Momo accounts because of hype. With what motivation and for what purpose is it unclear.

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