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The 11-year-old is said to have committed suicide for bullying

The death of a young student shakes Berlin. The child had reported attempted suicide and died later. The girl is said to have been bullied earlier.

After an eleven-year-old school pupil in Berlin, Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) announced a comprehensive investigation of the case. "I'm affected by the student's death," said Müller "Tagesspiegel". The school administration will check this carefully.

The Berlin Police initiated a so-called death investigation. According to a report from the daily mirror, the girl is said to have made a suicide attempt and later killed in the hospital. It was originally no official confirmation. A Senate Administration spokesman confirmed the death on Saturday, but did not comment on the circumstances.

On Tuesday, the school and the school inspector were informed by parents about the child's death. Therefore, the school sent a parent letter on Thursday, and the Senate education administration supported the facility with school psychologists for such emergencies, said the spokesman. One day later, the school administration talked to the parents about the possibility of mourning. On Saturday night, according to the spokesman, it should be vigilant at the school.

"Tagesspiegel" quoted a father saying there were "massive bullying cases" in primary school for more than a year. Just three weeks ago, the entire parents' representation was intensive on the subject of violence and bullying.

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