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New rules for road traffic: Scheuer wants to increase the fine


Lifeline after an accident on a freeway.

(Photo: bildallians / dpa)

So far, this is only a draft, but Federal Transportation Minister Scheuer plans with some new or significantly higher fines for violating the highway code. It is about emergency fields, bus lanes or protective strips.

In German, traffic will obviously change a lot. Parking in the second row, on paths and cycle paths as well as holding guardrails in the future will cost up to € 1

00 penalty, as "Bild" reports, citing a draft of the new traffic rules for the Ministry of Transport reports. So far it is 15 to 30 euros. The three-minute band on the protective band should therefore no longer be allowed.

According to the information, for drivers who do not form a rescue field, it is really expensive: they have to pay a fine of 320 euros. There are also changes in bus lanes in cities: in the future they will also be able to be used by cars with at least three passengers and electric scooters. A new road sign could prohibit cars from completely crossing two-wheelers.

Minister for Transport Andreas Scheuer's plans for CSU were already partly known. "We make cycling safer," Scheuer said. Co-values ​​should be improved for more climate-friendly mobility. And: "We think it's fair that anyone who blocks the escape route is severely punished, it's about life and limb."

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