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New game from Remedy looks very similar to Quantum Break 2

  Control - Gameplay Trailer Introduces New Max Payne Developer Game



Control – Gameplay Trailer introduces the new game of Max Payne Developers

At the beginning of the Control trailer, we were still sure to see Quantum Break 2 – but Remedy works instead with a whole new game. But the similarities are not overlooked: Control is also a third person shooter where we control a figure with supernatural powers. But instead of time we seem to control gravity this time.

The main character is Jesse Faden, newly appointed director of the mysterious organization "The Bureau". Today's realm control has been distorted by supernatural power, so we must fight in the role of ice through surreal environments in constant change. The style of the video is remarkable reminder of Quantum Break – the world was also available there.

Telekinesis instead of Bullet Time

And as Quantum Break, Control also trusts our own supernatural powers. This time we do not manipulate time but gravity. In the trailer, Jesse slides through the air and crushes objects from the environment through telekinesis. Developers promise different powers, upgrades and loads for an adaptable game style. We should dynamically destroy the levels and change them with "complex rituals."

The story is about Isisa's search for answers as she tries to cope with her new role. Everywhere search queries and secrets await. To decode secret codes and uncover secret experiments, we work with other agents in the organization.

will show control 2019 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Control – Watch Screen Shots

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