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Migration researcher Foroutan recognizes "prefascist phase"

The Ozil case is again actively used to collectively suspect fascism by concealing migration problems. So from the Turkish government, but also the Berlin migration researcher Naika Foroutan.

In the mood of reinforcing conservative currents in Germany and Europe against the previously prevailing left turn in society, the current immigration debate and the case of Özil a Berlin migration researchers are being investigated. It's the old trick on the left to compare conservatism with fascism, to ignore the problems that stem from immigration.

This is in line with the Turkish Government's view, which this Monday with great approval for the departure of Mesut Özils from the German Football Team responded. As a result, Özil had taken a "beautiful goal against the virus of fascism," tweeted Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül to this decision. The Turkish Minister of Sport Mehmet Kasapoglu has also tweeted: "We sincerely support the glorious attitude that our brother Özil shows."

For migration researcher Naika Foroutan, who teaches at Berlin's Humbold University, Germany is also back on its historical path. "Social development points to a pre-fascist phase, and I argue that this has nothing to do with my personal state, even with my migrating history," said daughter of a German mother and an Iranian father.

The 46-year-old Therefore he does not want to see the word "prefascist" as strong, based in particular on the historian Fritz Stern's book, "Cultural Pessimism as Political Danger". She reacts with her controversy to former national football player Mesut Özil. A pic with an autocrat while the world cup was held by another autocrat, used to deny Özil the German, she regretted.

Thus, many immigrants saw a warning that one's connection to Germany could be revoked at any time, no matter what you deserve and what services have been provided. She had long believed in a "new German we" that the German being was no longer defined because of religious, cultural or migration biographical lines, but it appeared as an attitude towards a pluralist society.

Now she sees parallels in Stern's book, whose Jewish family must fly to the United States before the Nazi regime. In that he describes the rise of national socialism "and the intellectual forces that spread a pessimism that left as the only way out of a present gift just the complete destruction of all existing ones." Over and over again, she has considered emigrating from Germany.

She has experienced the last few years "like a strong alienation". Thus, she also criticizes former German President Joachim Gauck, who publicly spoke of "false respect for immigrants" after leaving office. This also contributes to alienation: "When you leave such an ally, you start to fear that what's going on is getting worse than ever."

Talking about obvious issues like integration is an obstacle, among other things, that the more immigration would make it too difficult to reach a "we", she does not believe. Instead, it is again, without any critical reflection, the fascism club taken out. The appearance of Özil, like such statements, rather helps to break social coexistence.

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