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"Little Prince" translated to Klingon

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The title of Klingon-translated children's classical "The Little Prince". Photo: Verbe in Farbe und bunt

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S aarbrücken (dpa) – The children's book "Der kleine Prinz" will soon be available on "extraterrestrial": Star Trek Language Specialist Lieven L. Litaer has translated the world-famous story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to Klingon ("take puq mach"): "I kept my original text as accurately as possible," said the 38-year-old German press. Agency of Saarbrücken. The book will be published in October and will be used as literary reading in its annual Klingon language courses.

"Interest for Klingon grows," says Litaer. His voice training "qepHom" in November, limited to 50 participants, is already almost fully booked: "Star Trek" fans from Sweden and Canada have registered. Many also learned online: Facebook has a study group of 1000 participants. The artwork now contains about 4000 words created by the American linguist Marc Okrand.

New words are added each year. This year it was over 120. "Much of it was created for the" Little Prince ", says Litaer, who started the project in 2004." It took so long because I lacked a lot of vocabulary. "For words like sheep or praise, one must first find concepts .

To learn, the book has one page on each side of the German page and on the opposite side of the Klingon text. Litter estimates that 20 to 30 people around the world speak fluent Klingon – a language with many heavy twisters and laryngeal lobes. "The Little Prince" has already been translated into about 300 languages ​​and dialects. "That's when I thought Klingon would not be missing," says the architect.

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