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Influencer twins Lisa and Lena delete Tik Tok account

Three years ago Lisa and Lena (16) started their channel at Tik Tok! With their clips they sneaked into their fans' hearts and used their fame as a step to a true successful wave. Meanwhile, the two have their own fashion show and even celebrated their moderation debut at The Dome. But with its increasing fame, the teenagers seem to have evolved: They now say goodbye to their fans at Tik Tok!

"We think it's time to move on and break the new ground" influences on Saturday on Instagram . For this, the two must make room for new things and break away from their beginning. In addition, they had simply become older and their preferences and interests had changed. Still, it is important for them to keep in touch with their fans. "Thank you for helping us for three years, we thank each of us, who followed us on the platform," underlines the young stars.

That the sisters also have enough fans without Tik Tok they have long demonstrated their strength. In December last year, the two even broke 1

4 million mark on Instagram! "We are so grateful to have all of you" the blondes cheered.

  Lisa and Lena at an event in Berlin AEDT / WENN.com   Pictures Gallery Button
Lisa and Lena at an event in Berlin
  Lisa and Lena, were known by Musical.ly Instagram / lisaandlena

Lisa and Lena, released by Musical.ly known
  Influencers Lisa and Lena Instagram / lisaundlena

Influencers Lisa and Lena

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