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Bees petition: The initiator is now increasing the pressure on Söder

The referendum on biodiversity ends on Wednesday, but one day before there was an official decision. What's next?

Following the initiative's great success for the Volksbegehrens biodiversity, initiator Agnes Becker (ÖDP) in negotiations with Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) wants to stick to their demands. "We are entering the conversation with all good will," said Becker on Wednesday, aiming for a round table planned for next week by South. "But the bar is our bill." This was already a compromise.

"Bees" People's Bone Biodiversity: South threatens embarrassing faux pas


4.00: Parts of Bavarian agriculture are therefore in great excitement. "Stop Bauernbashing," says the peasant union. Instead of acknowledging and promoting the peasant commitment to environmental and nature conservation, it is a requirement of sentiment and calls for new legislation, complains association manager Walter Heidl.

Prime Minister Söder and the black-orange coalition are now politically under pressure. In any event, they must try to return the referendum initiative with their own bill, which is as large as possible for the majority – in the referendum, both bills will be put to the vote.

Markus Söder was pushed through the referendum

© dpa / Peter Kneffel

Söder's goals are therefore an alternative proposition that everyone can live with, from the initiators to agriculture. "Save the bees and the peasants" is Söders slogan. Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber (CSU) and Minister of Finance Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) also hope for a common solution – but see some correction needs in the draft referendum. It's obvious: If, in the end, despite all attempts to convey Söders pronounced a majority for the blackberry's claims, this would be more than an embarrassing faux pas for the CSU President Söder, reports dpa.

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Bee Referendum: Hofreiter Leather Against Government – Peasants Complain

10.30: Group of Green Parliamentary Group , Anton Hofreiter, has succeeded in the Bavarian referendum on Art Protection called "Memorandum for the Federal Government". "The sensational participation in this referendum shows how high the people's interest in an intact environment is," said Hofreiter "Passauer Neue Presse".

The signatories gave the Bavarian government a bad testimony, Hofreiter said. However, the signal also applies to the German government, "which destroys valuable natural areas with its devastating agro-industry policy and extinguishes rare animal species."

Anton Hofreiter, Head of Green Parliamentary Group.

© dpa / Friso Gentsch

Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze (SPD) told the newspaper that it was "happy about this great response from the Bavarian people" and that it confirms that insect repellent is one of the focuses of their work. In short, she will present concrete proposals for an "insect reproductive action program".

9:51: The chairman of the Bavarian Farming Union Walter Heidl has accused the activists in a referendum for more biodiversity in Bavaria against the peasants, "The whole thing has gone out in a very emotional mood," CSU said. politician on Wednesday in ZDF "Morgenmagazin". "What irritates the farmers is that what they do is already completely hidden." So almost half of the Bavarian peasants participate in eco-friendly programs.

Heidl criticized that the "Save the bees" referendum lowers concentrating agriculture. Dangers to insects such as increasing air traffic or fine dust pollution were released. "It has jumped too short in our opinion. We need an approach that goes further," he demanded.

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Bees referendum: How to proceed now

8.51: And how are you? continue it now? Now the state parliament is on the train. He has several options: either he accepts the bill for petition unchanged. Or he simply rejects him – then the population can vote for it in a referendum. Or the state legislature launches its own proposal for a bill – then in a referendum both bills are put to the vote.

And which option is most likely to be? The third. The fact that CSU and free voters dared to vote in the Riksdag was ruled out at the outset. And Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has already responded to the great success of the referendum and announced his own bill. He wants to present it by consensus. He specifically announced a round table with the initiators, with environmental and nature conservation associations, but also with the farmers' association. It will take place for the first time next week, February 20th. Everything comes down to a referendum where two different bills will be put to the vote.

"Save Bina" Referendum: Pictures show great blow

7.00: And so it saw yesterday the decisive, Tuesday at Marienplatz. Many thanks to the reader Matkovic for these amazing pictures.

Final asked at Marienplatz: queue is fourfold! An image from Tuesday that took the decision.

© Matkovic

These were the news of the bee referendum

4.40 pm: Volksbegehren is a biological diversity in Bavaria a success. Already two days before the expiry of the official registration deadline, more than one million eligible voters contributed, said the initiators Tuesday in Munich. The referendum thus exceeded the desired number of about 950,000 signatures at an early stage.

The referendum could be the most successful in over fifty years, the promoters said. They demanded additional signatures until the end of the deadline on Wednesday to put so much pressure on Prime Minister Söder (CSU).

According to popular biodiversity: South wants "round table"

14.17: The result is not yet official, but Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has invited a round table for more biodiversity considering the expected success of the referendum under the motto "Save the bees". On Tuesday next week, "cross-party" looking for solutions and openly discussed, South announced Tuesday on Twitter. "Our goal is a social consensus." Nature should not be protected against the peasants, but with them.

The deadline for petition for more species protection ends on Wednesday. On the first eleven days of the 14-day deadline, approximately 900,000 of the 950,000 eligible voters required contributions. A success among the people's initiatives that were initiated by the greens, among other things, was considered to be practically safe. With one result, there will be a negotiation on requirements for tightening up the Bavarian nature conservation legislation.

Biodiversity: Bees Referendum Clearly Determined

12:49: Already a day before the deadline of February 13, the referendum initiator "Save Bina" began the desired number of signatures. As reported by [gagmagazine] a total of 1,040,683 signatures were counted Tuesday to 10 o'clock. Necessary were 950,000 signatures, so that the Bavarian Parliament deals with a corresponding bill on species protection.

The carriers in the "Save the bees" referendum were demonstrated in front of the Bavarian Parliament. The referendum is now successful one day before the deadline.

© dpa / Sven Hoppe

If the Parliament does not implement the proposal unchanged, it will lead to a referendum. All eligible voters in Bavaria can vote on the initiative. However, the state parliament can also submit an alternative draft vote.

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Bees referendum: 14 percent of authorized voters in Munich registered for Sunday

19.00: As extrapolations show, more than 14 percent – and thus significantly more than the ten percent – required by voters registered for biodiversity in Munich until Sunday evening. Agnes Becker from ÖDP is also convinced that the required number of signatures has already been mounted on Monday. Also Norbert Schäffer, president of the National Bird Protection Association, was convinced: "If people queue even in this bad weather, it's a good sign," he said.

Among the municipalities from all over Bavaria who have reported the status of the signatures on Sunday evening, the upper Bavarian Utting am Ammersee with the highest proportion is the upper part. It has already registered 28.7 percent of voters. Then follow Bernried on Lake Starnberg, Baierbrunn in Munich and Murnau in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. All three municipalities are also over 25 percent. This is shown in a list of the referendum initiators, available to Münchner Merkur .

"Save Bees" Referendum: The study shows catastrophic consequences of insect killers

16:29: Almost half of insects worldwide disappear quickly – a "catastrophic collapse of natural ecosystems" as the authors write. Scientists' conclusion is clear: "If we do not change our way of producing food, the insects will have expired in a few decades," says the newspaper, which will appear from the forthcoming issue of biological preservation. [19659006] Intensive farming, use of pesticides and habitat destruction – all of which have contributed to killing insects, endangered bird life and nature as a whole for six decades – are the authors Francisco Sánchez-Bayo and Kris Wyckhuys of Australian universities in Sydney and Queensland . Therefore, urgency must be countered. After all, insects are vital to global ecosystems.

Around one-third of the world's animal species are threatened with extinction worldwide

The authors point out that about one-third of all animal species worldwide are threatened with extinction. This value increases by one percentage point each year. The proportion of insects is 41 percent, twice as high as in vertebrates. [194559007] 12:44: Your views on the initiative: An advantage and disadvantage of the referendum between an insect researcher and a district farmer is here.

February 11, 2019, at 11.45: The biodiversity in Volksbegehren approaches its goal: Three days before the end of the registration period, about 900,000 people participated on Wednesday, according to the initiators. "We really have a big wind," said the referendum, Agnes Becker (ÖDP), on Monday in Munich. It leaves just over 50,000 signatures. Necessary are the names of ten percent of all voters in Bavaria. However, given the ongoing rush in the city hall, it is not the initiators or the state government who doubt that the obstacle will be overcome. All of this should lead to a referendum.

Until Wednesday you can participate in the referendum

Anyone who wants to participate in the referendum can register for Wednesday in signature lists in city hall. "We are fighting for the evening of February 13," said Becker. Each vote was counted, all promoters also emphasized the Nature Conservation of the Federation and the National Federation of Bird Protection. As more people participate, the more it will be able to be achieved at the end.

The referendum aims at several changes in the Bavarian nature conservation law. Biotopes should be better networked, riparian strips should be better protected and organic cultivation intentionally expanded. We need every signature until Wednesday night, so we do not miss this historic opportunity because of a few thousand votes, even offering only through the referendum. "Without this referendum in politics, no" iron had "

Markus Söder announces law for more nature and species protection

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) reacted to the expected success by announcing a round table and a comprehensive law for more nature – and species protection on. He wants to present this regardless of the result of the referendum up to the beginning of the summer.

In fact, Söder is announced under pressure, because if the parliament does not carry out the referendum unchanged (which the black-and-orange coalition does not want) It will inevitably lead to a referendum, but then every eligible voter can vote on the initiative, but the Parliament also has the opportunity to present the people with an alternative draft vote – this is Southern Plan.

According to Zoff, the referendum on bees: probably possible [19659004] February 11, 2019, 10.08 clock: On the weekend many city halls opened leaves in Bavaria so that citizens could write the referendum "Biodiversity – Save the bees". Now, according to BR, a decision could be made two days before the deadline. The sponsorship group will announce a preliminary result on Monday morning and some observers expect the necessary 950,000 signatures to have already been collected.

The reason for this statement can be made quite simple: On Friday, BR had already registered 700,000 voters for the referendum. So it's still exciting.

Also interesting: In Wolfratshausen young farmers, a beekeeper and spokesman for the green youth discuss biodiversity through the referendum. The article can be read on merkur.de *.

Farmers argue over referendums. Bottom Nature Conservation blames "wrong policy"

14:20: Shortly after half-time in the referendum biodiversity chef Emotions are high – not least among the peasants (see below). The Confederation of Conservation in Bavaria (BN) has now also commented on the debate: There is a link between dying and loss of biodiversity, says BN country's chief Richard Mergner. "The referendum to save biodiversity wants to stop these bad trends and convert them. Bees and peasants can only be saved together," he stressed.

Criticism, for example from the peasant organization, was rejected by the federal government for nature conservation and other popular breeders at a joint press conference. "Although the ambitious referendum goals were achieved, at least 70 percent of agriculture is conventional," says the president of the European professional beekeeper Walter Haefeker.

"The referendum is supported by a broad-based agarism. Many peasants actively support the referendum, because bio-fueled agriculture facilitates a way out of the growth spiral, "said BN's Land Commissioner Martin Geilhufe:" If farmers' union (BBV) and Prime Minister Michaela Kaniber are spreading terror scenarios, this only leads to their own failure

Together With the president of the state union, Richard Mergner, he had previously urged citizens to support the referendum. As long as "further spraying and spraying all the way to the water's edge", "we will not stop the species extinction", Mergner warned on Thursday. At the same time, Geilhufe had called for further action such as a reorientation of the EU agricultural policy and better ground protection in Bavaria – and thus a criticism of the agricultural union during the referendum.

Bioland claims claims: farmers' union reacts – and sees a large majority of the peasants his side

13.00 clock: On Thursday evening, Bioland had attacked in the dispute over the Volksbegehrens biological diversity, the Bavarian peasant organization (BBV) hard (see 11.15 clock) – already on Friday BBV's reaction: Bioland Bayern's governance a "general controversy" instead of "seeking dialogue with farmers' organization and other agricultural organizations", BBV's spokesman Markus Peters criticized in a statement to Merkur.de * . The farmers' association had neither been contacted nor informed before the publication of the open letter.

"The Folketing's initiators and supporters have now acknowledged that the drafting of the bill contains significant weaknesses and threatens to create major problems for the peasants," Peters emphasized. It would be necessary to point out a way for sustainable agriculture in Bavaria – but it would only go "together". According to the BBV spokesman, the vast majority of farmers and "many organic farmers" support the peasant society's attitude in the debate on the referendum.

BBV rejects the referendum on biodiversity. The desire to hide the farmers' commitment to biodiversity, refrain from measures other than agriculture – and offer "just a long list of new rules to our peasants," said association manager Walter Heidl, recently Münchner Merkur *

Referendum "Save the bees ": Bioland attacks Bauernverband

11.15 hours: Biologande's biological farming association, Bioland, has only sharply changed the Bavarian agricultural association (BBV) just one week before the end of the biodiversity notification deadline: Bioland Board accuses BBV of an open letter "false claims" in the debate on the referendum. A thoroughly explosive process – especially as the bioland members themselves are peasants.

Bioland specifically states that it is not the goal of the referendum to legally codify a "state mandate quota", unlike BBV's. The warning of farmers' association prior to the abolition of subsidies such as "KULAP" payments was "unfounded fear devastating".

More about "KULAP" payments and other background information about the dispute in this article on Merkur.de *. [19659006] The "Bavarian public opinion against the referendum" stems "completely unnecessary contradiction to the peasants", Bioland continues the board. And delivered the same facts: Three members of the Bioland Board are currently planning to withdraw from the BBV, "protesting the position and activities of the Bavarian Farmers' Conference on the Biodiversity Referendum," said the board.

Its own, according to its own data on 7,700 members, urged Bioland to sign up for the referendum. The goals were sensible to stop the "threatening species extinction". Recently, Bioland had taken headlines in collaboration with discounter Lidl.

Referendum "Save the bees": Great attack – South reacts

6.00: Due to the great attack on biodiversity, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced a round table and an extensive law for more nature and species protection . He wants to present this independently of the outcome of the referendum until the beginning of the summer – if possible in dialogue and consensus. He therefore wants to invite the initiators of the referendum, nature conservation associations, but also the farmers' association to the round table.

Markus Söder has announced a round table and an extensive law for more nature and species protection.

© dpa / Peter Kneffel

"We want to involve the associations and the people in the legislation. My goal is for us to develop an ideological bill until the beginning of the summer that takes everyone with us," says Söder on Thursday to the German press office in Munich and stressed: "The motto must be: Save the bees and the peasants."

"Whatever the outcome of the referendum, I want to invite a round table to reach a two-sided consensus," he said. nature conservation associations, hunters, fishermen, landowners and, of course, farmers' association. I want to find out if we can make a better team. "Nature and species protection goes only with and not against the peasants." The referendum must not lead to agricultural life, "he emphasized.

These were the news of the art-disquietity theme under the motto" Save the bees "from Thursday

Update from 7 February 19:23: North of Munich, there is a problem with the referendum: the Freisinger Action Alliance for the beekeeping petition raises serious accusations against the local civilian office: what should have happened there was "incredible." Read more in this article on Merkur.de *.

Update from February 7, 16.20 clock: There are current intermediate figures from the species protection of Bavarian Volksbegehren: According to a projection of the initiators, Thursday evening about 700,000 people are expected to register for the referendum

You can also find the information distributed by the municipality on the initiative's website, according to the information about 72,500 citizens in M nchen signed. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 13 February.

Referendum "Save bees": Half a million have already signed

Munich – Halva is finished: Nearly half a million voters have already signed in the Bavarian City Hall for the Biodiversity referendum. This was announced Tuesday by the initiators of the request, which runs under the slogan "Save the bees". On the fifth day of the two-week registration period, about five percent of the voters in Bavaria have registered for the request. To succeed, 10 percent must sign up in the free state.

What do they need more about the referendum "Save the bees", read the fact sheet.

For those responsible, the latest figures reported by the City Hall are "first encouraging interim results". The deadline for petitions is 13 February.

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