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Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson posted after fall

One day later, the Republican office said that the 74-year-old senator is "in pain but resting and feeling good".

Senator Isakson is looking forward to fully recovering and returning to work for Georgians, "said spokesman Amanda Maddox.

The three-year senator announced in 2015 that he is suffering from Parkinson's disease. It was not immediately clear about the fall of the week was related to this condition.

Isakson regularly uses a walking stick to go and his mobility is limited, despite symptoms like a shuffling walk, a faster speech pattern and stiff left arm, the progressive neurological disease has not slowed him down to work.

He chaired two Senate committees and traveled to Iraq with two colleagues this spring to visit US service members, military leaders and government officials, and also led an official congressional delegation to Normandy to celebrate the 75th D-Day anniversary. 1

9659007] His openness about his health has led to admiration from the elements, as well as occasional criticism from political opposition

"I think it's part of my job to be a model for people who can have the disease or have a love that has to say" things are not over, think positive, act positively and do positive things and you will be fine, "says Isakson to the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 2016.

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He was twice admitted to the hospital in 2017 to undergo surgery, the latter to deal with a sacral hairline fracture in his lower spine that was not related to Parkinson's.

Georgia's officials wished Isakson a quick recovery on social media Wednesday night.

"Johnny is a friend and a great partner in the US Senate. I have no doubt he will soon come back to work," colleague David Perdue tweeted.

Isakson has been in Georgia's chosen policy for more than 40 years. He served as Republican minority leader in Georgia House for years and was finally elected to succeed Newt Gingrich in US House 1999.

He has been in the US Senate since 2005. He won his third term in 2016 and defeated Democrat Jim Barksdale.

Isakson's seat will be on the vote in 2022.

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