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Georgia Democrat democratizes Biden’s “failure record”, says “it’s too late” for former vice president

Rope. Georgia Democratic state Vernon Jones, who approved President Trump for re-election in April, told “Overtime” Overtime “on Tuesday that the presumptive Democratic president nominated Joe Biden” has a record of failure. “

Jones added that Biden has had “40-some odd years doing something good … financially and he has not.”

Last week, Biden proposed spending $ 700 billion on US products and research in hopes of recovering millions of jobs lost in an economy plagued by the coronavirus pandemic.

“All of a sudden, he has a plan to come out and do what President Trump has already proven he can do in just three and a half years,”

; Jones said Tuesday.

The legislator pointed out that before the pandemic there was “a register [low] number of unemployment, small businesses [were] prosperous, people had job opportunities, big business and small businesses flourished, areas that went through depression with “opportunity zone districts”, these areas got help, so this president, President Trump, has a solid record. ”

“Joe Biden can not get up late at night and claim he got an early start yesterday,” he continued. “It’s just too late for him.”

Jones made waves when he approved Trump earlier this year, citing continuing support for criminal law reform and historically black colleges and universities. The approval resulted in a quick blowout from other state Democrats.


On Tuesday, Jones said that President Trump is about results.

“That’s why I’re putting my country in front of my party, because this president is about getting things done,” Jones continued. “He’s done it with job opportunities, he’s done it with prison reform, he’s done it in so many other areas.”

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser and Madeleine Rivera contributed to this report.

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