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George Floyd protests continue across the country, but remain mostly peaceful

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Retired St. Louis police captain was killed during riots following George Floyd’s death

A Retired St. Louis police captain who became a small town police chief got killed of people who broke into a pawn shop after the protests became violent, authorities said. David Dorn, 77, was found dead on the sidewalk in front of Lee̵

7;s Pant & Jewelry around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

No arrests have been made.

Shooting and theft was apparently posted on Facebook Live, but the video has since been taken down. It was a violent night in St. Louis, where four officers were shot, officers were pillaged with stones and fireworks, and 55 companies were burglarized or injured, including a convenience store that burned.

Police shot and seriously injured a suspected burglary they say shot at officers.


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Protests in top-hot hotspots lead to fears of new COVID nails

As people flood streets across America to protest the murder of George Floyd, public health experts fear The crowds, tear gas and arrests will lead to new coronavirus transmissions.

An Associated Press review found that there have been demonstrations in each of the 25 US communities over the past week with the highest concentrations of new virus cases. Some have seen great protests for several days.

The protests come as communities across the country loosen the restrictions on businesses and public life that have helped slow down the spread of the virus, deepening the concern that the two could create a resuscitation case nationally.

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Oklahoma State linebacker has coronavirus after participating in Floyd rally

Oklahoma State linebacker Amen Ogbongbemiga says he tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a protest in Tulsa. Ogbongbemiga made the announcement in a Twitter post.

The 21-year-old Ogbong resident says he protected himself during the protest. “Please, if you are going to protest, take care of yourself and stay safe,” he wrote.

A comment on the post observed: “I don’t think you got it at the protest … if you didn’t wear a mask you may have spread it but covid has a long intubation period and the symptoms don’t just seem so fast .. … ask you to recover quickly … we honestly don’t know the effects of covid from this in two weeks. ”


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Buffalo woman charged for driving to police

A buffalo woman is facing felony charges after driving a car through a group of police officers and injuring three of them.

Deyanna Davis, 31, was arrested Tuesday by New York State Police after she was released from the hospital, NYSP said in a statement.

Davis faces five charges of felony, including aggravated assault on a police officer and 2nd-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Of the three injured officers, two are NYSP officers and one is with the Buffalo Police Department.

Buffalo Mayor Bryan Brown announced Tuesday that the Buffalo police officer who was struck by the car is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery, according to CBS News branch WIVB’s Marlee Tuskes.

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Jim Clyburn says Trump has contributed to more “American carnage” than any president during his lifetime

South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn on Tuesday criticized President Trump during a photo on Monday. Police cleaned up protesters before Washington D.C. Curfew went into effect so that Trump could go unobstructed to a nearby church to pose for photos with a Bible.

Rope. Jim Clyburn: Trump has contributed to US carnage

“It seems the president believes that exercising one’s right to change should be carnage,” Clyburn said Tuesday on CBSN’s “Red & Blue” program. “How we define it, in general, he has contributed to it more than any president in my lifetime. I don’t think any president since maybe Woodrow Wilson.”

Speaking about Geroge Floyd’s death and Minnesota’s decision to begin a civil rights investigation into the Minnesota Police Department, Clyburn said, “We need to start taking action here. We can’t let these things continue to happen.”

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