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George Floyd protests across America

Most New York protests today were peaceful marches – but as night fell, there were also increasing cases of property destruction and looting.

The looting sometimes seemed remarkably organized, CNN correspondent Shimon Prokupecz said at the scene.

“They would go to stores. They would break the windows. You know, they would use hammers. They would run. And then others would come. And then, repeatedly come back,”

; Prokupecz said.

Looting and destruction would serve as a second blow to many of the companies already suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, he added. Many of the vandalized stores had already been closed for months and had lost money.

“And now (the stores) are being robbed.” Prokupecz sa. “Everything is taken out and now they have to repair the shops, fix the glass.”

The citywide curfew: The city curfew, which came into force at 11pm tonight, will be extended until tomorrow night – but tomorrow night it will be adopted earlier, at 8pm instead.

“The end result is probably too late,” Prokupecz said. “They brought in more officers. They doubled the number of officers who would deal with this today. And that didn’t even seem to help.”

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