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Game of Thrones Series Final: Jon reunites with Ghost The Direwolf

Play of Thrones "Series Final," Iron Throne ", did not deliver exactly the end that many fans expected, but it was at least one character who got justice after being terrified in an earlier episode: Jon Snow's Beloved Directwolf, Ghost.

Ghost became the subject of social media publisher after the last season's fourth episode, "The Last of the Starks," saw his owner, Jon Snow, give the animal to Tormund and send him north to Castle Black – all without it much like a pat on the head farewell.

In an attempt to explain why Throne's game chose not to show an emotional farewell between Jon and his beloved pets, the episode director David Nutter tried to explain that the goodbye played out how it did because the show's production team was limited by the fact that Ghost is, in part, a CGI creation, but this explanation, predictably, only made fans angry, with many s lasted many examples in every way that the show could have made Jon petting Ghost work.

For all these fans, the series finals gave a wonderful record of triumph. The last episode saw Jon, being ironically pissed at the (now non-existent) Night Watch to satisfy Unsulliedes demand for punishment after Jon killed Daenery's. So Jon turned right back where he started. And who was there to welcome him, but his faithful long companions?

The moment was just as sweet as fans had jumped:

Thrones games fans on social media were overjoyed.

Some, including Tasha Robinson from Vox's sister site The Verge, noted that given how long since the season ended production The production team Game of Thrones had certainly become eye-rolling throughout the hoopla over the fourth section. After all, they would have known that Jon and Ghost would be reunited shortly:

But others speculated that the scene had been quickly added after fact, in direct response on the fan.

It is very doubtful that the scene was added in response to the rebellion, but that made many fans happy. And while many other aspects of "The Iron Throne" left the fans scratching their heads, Jon reminded his faithful companion Game of Thrones recalled that had at least two characters interests in the heart.

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