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Game of Thrones last season written by fans would also be a mess

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Yesterday we wrote about the fact that a contingent of Game of Thrones fans angry at how the eight season has proved to have begun an application that invites HBO to recreate the last season with new authors. That petition has since received over 400,000 signatures, but we still claim that it is very stupid. The authors over on The week took things a step further and decided to imagine how the end of Game of Thrones would look if it really tried to saturate the fan community every whim. [19659000] Using the leading fanatics from r / gameofthrones, r / asoiaf and r / gottheories subreddits, The week has cobbled together a final season where Theon kills the euro to win back the iron islands, Cersei has a miscarriage to fulfill the prophecy of Maggy the Frog, Jon is transformed into a dragon-riding White Walker by Night King and Dany dies who gives birth to the child she thought to Jon (who, because we do not forget, is her nephew). Some of these ideas sound halfway decent on paper, as Night King uses the Battle of Winterfell as a diversion so he can attack King's Landing or Bran warging into a kite to kick some ass, but they start to fall apart. when you take them out of a vacuum and place them in the context of the dozen or so, other plots will develop simultaneously.

Of course, there are some theories that are just straight up secret. It is the one who says that Arya is not really Arya, the real Arya died in Braavos during season six and the person we followed is actually Waif who wears Aria's face. Why did Waifet come to Westeros? She was hired by Littlefinger, of course, who is it you guessed, not actually dead . In this alternate GoT finale, Littlefinger fell dead and hired the faceless men to come to Winterfell and kill Bran. Why? Because, apparently, when Arya does something amazing it is stupid but if Littlefinger makes a lot of unimaginable bullshit, it is very cool. Absolutely nothing more to read in there.

Of course, the people who thought of these theories were never planning on working in harmony with the ideas of everyone else, but that is exactly the point. Getting up with some text explaining how Tyrion ends up on the iron tree is very different than satisfactorily finishing a dozen simultaneous, interweaving plot lines in a way that is emotionally resonant and cinematically impressive. Given the theory that the show will end with Samwell, it is written down in a book called A song of ice and fire -Tolkien did it first.

Check out The week s complete record here.

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