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Game of Thrones Episode 3: What Happened to Ghost, Jon's Direwolf? (Season 8)

Thrones game ended an absolute great plotlin for the show in "The Long Night", the third of the show's last six episodes. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, with almost all of them still living, finally turned to their last showdown with Night King . Along with the dragons Drogon and Rhaegal, another long-suffering allies went to battle: Ghost, Jon's direwolf, who has not had much screenplay in recent years.

We've been wondering what it is about Ghost for a while. He had no real screentime back in season 6, when Melisandre resurrected Jon from the dead. He basically disappeared after that, because of the efforts and the cost of animating direct wolves actually quite high. But we saw him briefly returning in season 8's second episode and noted that the puppy was hanging around Winterfell with Jon. And finally we saw him get into the action at the beginning of the Battle of Winterfell.

Ghost loads into the fight with Daenery's Dothraki screamers and Jorah Mormont, who is leading the battle against the dead army. However, we slowly realize that Dothraki is surpassed, and only a few horses and Jorah Mormont seem to survive the attack. Ghost is not among the survivors we see, will fly back to Winterfell ̵

1; so what happened to the direwolf?

It seems that there is no wight version of Ghost out there in the fields around Winterfell, despite the suggestion that the direct wolf might have fallen into battle. Although he never shows up again in episode 3, HBO gave a super-fast hint that there is more ghost to come, at least in the next episode of the show.

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You can very briefly glimpse Ghost with the survivors of the Battle of Winterfell in teaser for episode 4, aired at the end of The Long Night. Look extremely close to the right side of the frame behind Daenery's and Samwell Tarly and you will see that the Ghost hangs with everyone else just outside the Winterfell gates, because the survivors are probably preparing to burn the many, many bodies stacked up outside castle. A blink of white coat and four legs is all about what we can discover.

Not seeing what Ghost came up with in the Battle of Winterfell was definitely something of a bummer. In the early seasons of the show and in George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" books on which they are based, the directors and their connection to the Stark children were always a very big thing and a relationship that was leading somewhere. The exhibition has all but written the remaining dirwolves out completely. Summer, Bran's Wolf, killed protecting him at the three-eyed amber cave, and Rickon's wolf Shaggy Dog died off the screen before the bastards in season 6. Ghost got quite away from the show along with Arias Wolf Nymeria, which turned out shortly in season 7 to give Arya an emotional moment before he disappeared back into the forest. In fact, there were some fanatics that suggested that both Ghost and Nymeria should have a role to play in the battle against Night King and to save their respective Starks. The fact that dirwolves and their relationships with the Stark family have obviously been so small is one of the major disappointments with the show's adaptation of the novel.

It's not clear what role Ghost can have if someone moves forward. We know that Daenerys means leading south to King's Landing with its remaining forces to take Iron Throne, and one assumes that Jon will be in the trailer to help. So maybe Ghost is coming down to tear out the neck of some Golden Company dudes. Perhaps Ghost will take a side from his sister and become free, now that the Night King threat has been eliminated. It would really help keep the budget impact down for the latest episodes for the show.

If you are anxious to see what is waiting, HBO has also released new images from episode 4. They overlap a lot with what is seen in the teaser trailer, but if you want to stare in the eyes of Cersei, Jon and so on In an attempt to determine what their plans are, they can only do the trick.

The Long Night, Episode 3 of Thrones Season 8, aired Sunday and marked the series' longest ever episode. It also featured the show's biggest battle ever, which darkened the battle of Hardhome and the Battle of the Bastards. You can check out our Episode 3 review for our impressions as we move on to the last three episodes in the series. You may also be interested in any complaints about who dies in the episode.

We also have new theories and a summary of what happened to Jon's dragon, Rhaegal during the Battle of Winterfell, as well as a collection of Easter eggs and references from episode 3 that you may not have noticed. The long night was the most acclaimed episode of the show ever, which makes sense given that it marked the culmination of a storinine that was established in the very first scene of Game of Thrones.

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