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Gaetz Calls for Bloomberg Election Criminal Investigation Promises to Pay Florida Criminals’ Fines

House law committee member Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., Told “Hannity” on Tuesday that he has spoken with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody about possibly initiating a bribery investigation against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“I think there may be a criminal investigation already underway for the Bloomberg-related activities in Florida,” Gaetz told host Sean Hannity.


Bloomberg, who briefly joined the race for the Democratic presidential election earlier this year, has reportedly raised more than $ 16 million for the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

According to the Florida Constitution, convicted criminals can regain their right to vote after earning their time. However, a law passed by the Republican government Ron DeSantis states that criminals must pay all fines, refunds and other legal financial obligations before their sentences can be considered fulfilled.

“[Under Florida law] it is a third degree crime for someone to either directly or indirectly give something of value to influence whether someone votes or not, “Gaetz explained. So the question is whether to pay someone̵

7;s fine and legal obligations count as something of value, and that makes it quite clear.

“If Michael Bloomberg offered to pay off people’s credit card debt,” Gaetz added, “you would obviously see the value in it.

“[W]”When you improve someone’s net worth by eliminating their financial debt, it’s something of value,” he continued. Normally, it would be very difficult to prove that it was directly linked to influencing whether someone would vote or not. But they literally wrote their own assumption. “

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A Bloomberg memo first reported by the Washington Post reads: “Knowing that to win Florida, we must persuade, motivate and add new voices to the Biden column. This means that we must explore all avenues to find the votes needed when so many votes have already been cast. ”

“Data show that in Florida, black voters are a unique universe unlike any other ballot box, where Democratic support tends to be 90% -95%,” the note continued.

“The law is clear that this is something of value,” Gaetz reiterated, “and I am encouraged after my conversation with the Minister of Justice. I hope we have good law enforcement across the country and are looking for cheating and the tricks that these Democrats are going to try. this election. “

Fox News’ Vandana Rambaran contributed to this report.

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