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"Fuller House": Jeff Franklin Crime of suspicion revealed

By the time of Full House creator Jeff Franklin was removed as a showrunner by Netflixs Fuller House and discouraged by his overall affair with Warner Bros. TV, reported that he had

15 months later, a new court application reveals specific charges against the veteran television producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the charges against Franklin precede the # MeToo movement, revoking his argument that successor Bryan Behar was opportunistic. As early as 2016, Warner Bros. launched an inquiry into concerns about equal treatment of male and female writers. Among them was Franklin's management of pregnancy-related free time requests to attend doctor's offices.

In November 201

7, Warner Bros. launched a second survey after another complaint was filed. This time, Franklin was accused of creating a toxic environment. He told bragging about weekend orgies and insisted that female writers bring bikini with them while visiting his mansion.

Franklin is also accused of complaining about having to hire women and people of color as directors. (He apparently claims that female managers are "all the same".)

Misogyny doesn't stop there. Referring to a female employee, Franklin suggested that she "probably be pregnant next season". It was followed by a "wish" that he would "get all the women of my staff to get hysterectomy". Franklin is also said to have described a minor girl on the set as "a nose job beyond a good f-k".

Franklins camp has not yet responded to these new detailed information.

"I am heartbroken to leave ] Fuller House " Franklin said in March 2018, shortly after his firing. "Create and run Full House and Fuller House has been the greatest joy. I wish the cast, my second family for over 30 years, continued success." Since then, Franklin has left a trial against new Fuller House co-showrunner Bryan Behar. In the suit, Franklin claims that Behar collaborated to get him to throw off Netflix spinoff.

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