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From Europe, Brexit is like "watching a car crash in slow motion"

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By Rachel Elbaum


1; Europeans in Brussels, the EU's unofficial capital, have some key words to describe Britain's attempts to leave the 28-country bloc.

"Scary", "chaotic" and "frustrating" are just some of them.

There are only 36 days left until Brexit and legislators have been able to agree on how it will go and what the future relationship will look like.

"It's like watching a slow motion car crash and you can't do anything to stop it," said Jess Fitch, who was born and raised in Belgium to British parents and is a British citizen. 19659010] Jess Fitch. Rachel Elbaum / NBC News

Fitch, 29, applied for Belgian citizenship only two days after the Brexit referendum in June 2016. She received it, but her brother, who moved to Britain as an adult, was not so happy.

"I do not blame the voters. They have been sold out. I am angry with the British establishment," says Fitch, a communications coordinator who also owns an Irish pub in Brussels.

She is far from the only person shaking their heads on Britain's handling of Brexit.

Three years ago, Britain was largely seen as a powerful force in the bloc, but the referendum result sent shock waves through not only Britain's political establishment but also Europe.

First, it was grief in Europe, but also the hope that the relationship would remain close even if the UK left the block. [19659007] Fast forward two years, and it is not entirely longer.

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