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"Friends" fans are ecstatic to see Monica and Chandler back together

It seems that even though the producers of Friends do not want to reunite, the cast does everything they can to at least reunite as themselves. Or let's repeat the women want to reunite in some form or another while the guys often say no.

Fans really want some kind of reunion, and Jennifer Aniston recently noted that something is on the plate to reunite the cast. However, the actress does not say what it is.

  Courtney Cox as Monica Geller and Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing on
Courtney Cox as Monica Geller and Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing on FRIENDS . & # 39; | NBCU Photo Bank

It will no doubt be a typical reunion and something perhaps different from what we have seen. Maybe it will be a short video showing where the characters are.

Meanwhile, everyone has to settle for the rare cast reunions we see on social media. The latest was a warm-heartedness between Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry.

It's been a while since "Friends" fans have seen Monica and Chandler together

Most of the cast reunions that have recently been seen have been with the women, namely Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. They obviously love to be around each other and meet for lunch when they can as we have seen in various media images recently.

Being reunited with male actors does not happen very often, but outside reports they always reported on each other's companies. They stay in touch, and when there is a reunion, the images are plastered all over the media. Fans were lucky enough to enjoy one of those moments recently when there was a picture of Cox and Perry reunited as Monica and Chandler on Instagram.

There has not been a moment like this in a while. For many, this was also a relief given that Perry has been in the media for the wrong reasons too late. Seeing him look healthier makes everyone wonder exactly what kind of reunion Friends has up his sleeve.

Was this a joint perhaps made somewhat undercover now to reveal later? Whether it's something short and sweet, it seems to brew.

The general consensus is that Monica and Chandler would still be together about "Friends"

Let's not forget Monica and Chandler got married at the end of Friends and finally had twins. This type of commitment no doubt kept them together, something that some have been involved with in the show is consistent with recently.

While some believe Ross and Rachel may not have done it – the couple was on-again-off-again in the series – Aniston said she believes they are still a couple. But she also said that they have probably taken a break, proving that Aniston knows the reality, yes … marriage.

One thing fans have learned is that the role players were unusually close from the start, something they continue to prove with these mini-reunions. Reunion with the guys may have come back a bit because of how Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer have said they don't want to see what their characters would look like today.

Based on Aniston's recent comment, we may come anyway, or at least a brief preview without going into details about having colonoscopies.

Should any "Friends" reunion be a short one?

Seeing the dynamics of where Friends characters are in their lives today it would be a good bookend, if it might be best not to go into too much detail. A short ten minute video (such as the upcoming Quibi) would be ideal for telling a micro story of what 2019 looks like for Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

If Monica and Chandler are still married, everyone would remember that they were the real center and most sensible characters in the entire series. Manufacturers have said that this was the intention all along.

Now let's wonder if their twins look exactly like either Monica or Chandler. It's good that they look a little like both, which makes all the casting for their now grown-up twins a big challenge.

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