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Friend Jay Williams gives insight

Kevin Durant's Achilles injury occurred nine days ago in Toronto. His surgery to repair the crime occurred a week ago in New York.

ESPN's Jay Williams, a Durant friend and a partner with Durant's manager Rich Kleiman at "The Boardroom" told Posten it's too early for Warriors superstar to find out what the damage means for his free agent future. Williams has spoken to Durant since the devastating damage.

"I think Kevin is currently trying to handle post-operation," said Williams on Tuesday at Madison Avenue Draft event. "It's his first and foremost thing. You do what you do for your Achilles at this stage, it takes a minute to calibrate again. You can't just go back to business. But Kevin must make the best decision for Kevin. Rich Kleiman has told him. "It has been thought that Kleiman, a New Yorker, has been looking at selling Knicks at Durant.

The post has reported Durant has until June 29 ̵

1; the day before the right of liberty – to opt out of the last season of his covenant Although he will miss the next season, he will most likely get a maximum deal either with the Warriors or elsewhere.

The knicks are still interested in believing that there is any player who can come back from this debilitating injury, that is Durant, who will be 32 to start the 2020-21 campaign.

Earlier, Williams was naughty and wondered if Knicks was a good fit for Zion Williamson because of owner James Dolan. But Williams, a Jersey product, refused to weigh in on Durant's fit like Knick.

"Kevin comes back (in Games 5) shows he's kind to the people's champion," Williams says. "He always wants to win whatever. He sacrifices his body. I think it's time for Kevin to do what is in Kevin Durant's best interest."

Williams, who played at Duke before a motorcycle accident limited its NBA career, believe that Blue Devil penetrates slider RJ Barrett as the real deal. The odds are, Barrett will fall into Knicks' lap on No 3 Thursday in the NBA draft.

"I years for RJ was tougher, "says Williams." You play with Zion, then he goes down and he needed to be a volume shooter. At the university, they stack the color without any illegal defense. You will not get the true distance at the NBA level. & # 39; & # 39;

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