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Willy Bardon is sent back to Assizes for Rape in Reunion and Murder

Gendarmes escort Willy Bardon to the town hall in Amiens where he will be accused of rape and murder of Elodie Kulik. – PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP
  • Elodie Kulik, 24, was raped and killed in Somme 2002.
  • Investigators took ten years to trace a suspect.
  • Amien's trial confirmed his return to the assistants.

Jacky Kulik is "happy" and "a little surprised", according to his lawyer Didier Robiquet's words. The Amiens (Somme) investigation chamber has confirmed this Friday morning the return to Willy Bardon's allegations of rape in the encounter and murder of Elodie Kulik, whose body was discovered, partially calcined, in a field near Péronne in January 2002.

"A little surprised" because The father of the 24-year-old girl rather expected judges to decide on a supplementary information after the receipt, in January, of an anonymous letter throwing a little more trouble in this sordid business. Her author pointed to the head of a bar likely to keep information. "So we expected the court to decide to review this chief executive officer.
But she felt it would not give anything more, explains Didier Robiquet. It therefore rejected this letter and decided, in essence, the reference to the assistants of
Willy Bardon.

] A DNA That Leads To A Death, A Voice That Confuses A Suspicious

It's a "Great Satisfaction" for Jacky Kulik who has been fighting since 2002 to find out who raped and killed his daughter one night It took the gendarms ten years to name a DNA found on a used condom and a cigarette shot next to the young banker's body. And when they were finally sure it belonged to Grégory Wiart, the investigators discovered that it was after they died in a car crash.

The investigators were then interested in Grégory Wiart's relatives. Then they went back to Willy Bardon. The two men had just spent New Year's Eve together a few days before the fact. In particular, her voice seems to correspond to one of the isolates of Elodie Kulik's call to firemen during the drama night, a few moments before they were raped and killed. Arrested in 2013, Willy Bardon acknowledged himself before retiring and arguing that he had nothing to do with the entire deal.

It is now before a court that the suspect has to motivate himself. If he does not appeal to legal issues to challenge his termination before a popular jury, he could be tried within a year or so. For kidnapping, kidnapping, rape and murder of Elodie Kulik, he has been convicted of imprisonment.

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