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Will it snow in Paris on Friday?

Parisians holding an iPhone have probably noticed this Friday morning: their weather application causes snowfall in the capital at the end of the day. However, it is highly unlikely that the Ile-de-France region after the southeastern part of the country is experiencing a real snow section.

On Thursday, the weather channel raised the possibility of snowflakes mixing with snow. rain on the Ile-de-France, especially in the southern region. But she pointed out that the probability was "low". For the most part, she focused on flakes associated with rain and especially no "holding ground."

This Friday morning, however, is here what is shown on the weather app's iPhones. 19659007] LP ” align=””/>


This trend is the same when doing a Google search on the weather in Paris.

What to think? The risk is very limited in advance. The announced temperature really seems too high to snow. Météo France, which has placed the capital in the yellow guard for rainfall and snow ice, also confirms that we do not expect snow during the day: "We do not expect snow this afternoon in Paris," explains forecaster Christelle Robert. There may be some flakes on the hills in Picardy or on some hills in Ile-de-France, like Mont Valerian, but it would be snow that will not hold the ground. "In fact, some flakes may be locally associated with rain in Yvelines, the coldest area on Friday at the end of the day. Even in Essonne, where the snow mixed with the rain in the middle of the day

        Weather France
Weather France

Who should you believe then? The meteorological model used by Météo France is usually more reliable than the US model on which Google and the application of the iPhone are based.

Remember, however, that with such temperature levels, to one or two degrees, water can be turned into snow. It is therefore extremely sensitive to be categorical, as the Paris region is not 100% immune to an isothermal phenomenon (when the rainfall in itself cools the atmosphere).

  Will it be snowing in Paris on Friday?

However, even if a mixture of snow and rain occurred, there is no chance that it is on the roads of Paris, which is not cold enough.

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