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Venice is experiencing a new peak of water

  The St. Mark's flood in Venice on November 15, 2019.
The St. Mark's flood in November 15, 201

Venice experienced a new high tide on Friday, November 15, three days after being devastated by record flows that led the Italian government to declare a state of emergency for natural disasters in the city by the dogs.

At noon, Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro ordered the closure of the famous Piazza San Marco. "I am obliged to close St. Mark's Square to save the citizens of Venice any health risk, a disaster", he said.

He also announced opening a bank account for everyone, in Italy and abroad, who wants to contribute to the repairs. "Venice, a unique place, is everyone's legacy. Thanks to your help, Venice will shine again" he wrote in a statement.

acqua alta reached a peak of 1.54 meters on Friday at midnight, while heavy showers and winds were announced throughout the region. Like many cultural institutions, the Guggenheim Museum had planned to reopen on Friday but changed its opinion "due to deteriorating weather conditions"

On Tuesday night, the city experienced its worst tides high in fifty years and reaches 1.87 meters . Or the other historical record behind November 4, 1966 (1.94 meters). Water has invaded churches, shops, museums and hotels in this world heritage jewel. The record acqua alta overwhelmed 80% of the city, caused the death of a septuagenarian, overturned gondolas and vaporettos (river buses) and resulted in over 400 firefighters' efforts. [19659004Påtorsdagenutnyttjadede50000invånarnaidethistoriskacentrumetenuppgångförattförsökatorkasinahemellerinnehålletiderasbåsHögvattenpåmorgonenvarganskamåttligochnådde113meter(klockan1030)långtfråntisdagens187metermarkdenandrahistoriskarekordenbakomden4november1966(194meter)[19659009] Also read In Italy, Venice affected by a historic "high tide"

The damages amounted to hundreds of millions of euros

After a crisis meeting at the prefecture, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte On Thursday, the canals that made Venice known throughout the world traveled the world, to comfort traders, many to keep closed doors, such as museums and schools. In the evening, the government approved the emergency in Venice and announced that it would release € 20 million "for the most urgent efforts" .

This procedure, often used in an Italy that is regularly hit by disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides), gives the government "exceptional powers and resources" . The damages, already quantified "hundreds of millions of euros", will give rise to accurate estimates, but in the meantime the decree "immediately" will pay "5,000 euros for individuals and 20 EUR 000 for shops ", according to Mr. Conte.

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A special committee for Venice will also meet on November 26 for "discuss general management of problems ", including a plan to bypass the historic cruise ship center and the mega project MOSE (Moses in Italian, abbreviation for experimental electromechanical module) of dykes to protect the lagoon

Politics flock to Serenissima's bedside: Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi arrived on Thursday, the former interior minister of the league (far right) Matteo Salvini should move on Friday.

Project dykes

Indifferent to this ballet, the Venetians reorganize. "I live it, what else can I do?", 54-year-old Stefano Gabbanotto told Agence France-Presse (AFP) by opening his newsstand near the duchy palace.

La Serenissime, nicknamed for this city by the lake, gets 36 million tourists a year, 90% of whom are foreigners. For Manon Gaudre, seeing Venice underwater is "a unique experience", but this 22-year-old French tourist is worried about "damage to monuments and people" . Markus Basilica or the Fenice Theater has really decayed into muddy, salt water from the lagoon.

Cornelia Litschauer, a 28-year-old Austrian, also finds the situation "strange : tourists take pictures but the city suffers ". Hotels including Locanda Al Leon begin to cancel cancellations at the end of the year

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Like most visitors, they are not aware of the risk of engulfing the city, built on 118 islands and islands mostly artificial and on stilts. It sank 30 centimeters in the Adriatic for a century.

For Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa, Venice's tenderness has increased due to the "tropicalization" of the weather, with intense rainfall and strong winds, linked to global warming. Environmental activists also point to the expansion of the large industrial port of Marghera, located opposite the mainland, and the parade of giant cruise ships.

Many officials including the mayor of Venice called to be commissioned "as soon as possible" project of MOSE dykes. MOSE started in 2003 and was delayed by poor execution and corruption investigations and relies on 78 floating dikes that stand up and block access to the lagoon in case of rising water in the Adriatic Sea up to 3 meters in height. Recent tests have identified vibrations and rust but according to Mr. Conte is the "ready to 93%" and will be "finished spring 2021" .

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